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So, the new Avengers trailer dropped.

What can we learn from it ?

Well, we have some new Ultron images (including how he gets build in the Avengers tower) and a scene that can be pivotal to the plot-Ultron sitting on a throne with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver looking on. This scene could be the changing point for the twins, with them realising the evil of his ways after he compares himself to an ancient King or Queen from their country, or their culture. We also see him being recharged/upgraded (with a cable being attached to the back of his head, since he remains a robot). There is also an scene featuring the Avengers in a forest, with this forest being the forest where the HYDRA stronghold is located. Among others we see an Iron Man-motorcycle. A new version of his armour? Then we see someone unleashing a pair of bamboo claws, looking like Wolverine's claws. A weapon of the Black Panther? Further on, we see Tony Stark holding the Loki scepter (wonder what he is going to do with it, since Shield is gone now) and a while later an romantic scene between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. After that, we get a small part of the Comic-con scene, the one that should lead into the Civil War. Then we get a glimpse of the new look of Nick Fury, still with eyepatch, but now without eyeglasses. More shirtless Thor, with later on a view of a decidedly Green Hulk with red eyes (sorry, Grey Hulk fans. Your theories proved wrong), which definitely confirms the fact that he is controlled by the Scarlet Witch. More Avengers fighting (amongst others, between themselves, what could be another lead-up to Civil War) and then the whole assemble (including Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) fighting an army of Ultron drones in the same city that we saw in earlier trailers. To top it off, an awesome Ultron kicking some major ass with a red-laser beam that he shoots from his hands.

Still no glimpse of Vision. I'm starting to wonder if they are going to show him at all in the trailers before the movie.


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