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You got it, people! Marvel has finally accomplished our most wanted desires and thats all indugled into a two minutes promotion!

This is at the utmost, the most amazing, detailed and insanely crazy trailer that the Age of Ultron production has ever released! If the trailer is so good, then think about the movie!

Now, what got us this the third trailer? Here`s what happpened!

Marvel once again brings out their amazing marketing abilities to reproduce something that everyone wants to see a hundred times!

This following code was literally within the 3 hours, unlocked in sheer madness. Lol, to think, I saw it come on the stage of 100%! And boy, you missed the magic! The tweeting of the bird out of the mechanically Microsoft/Macbook/Linux mouth was increasing so much, that the enigmatic code did not last long and had released... amazingness... And now prepare... for JOY!!!

I cried, literally. Now, this is the reaction of the ordinary geek, you`re thinking. But maybe you`re wrong. This is actually worth making someone be hit by a steel object or something. And here are the four main reasons!!! But before that, remember, Spoiler Alert!

1. The Vision


Finally! The non-apocalyptic android of built in technology and compatiability to all types of environment has been slightly shown in this promotion! Just look at him! SO REALISTIC! Where I thought that CGI would be at works at the most for him, the actor was modelled with mostly, well, makeup and amazing costumes. When you experience the android tha-dunking his eyes, you will somewhat feel happily insane. Now I feel what mad men feel!

2. Ultron with the Avengers!!!

Only for Kings...
Only for Kings...

Ultron sitting on a throne, summoning a gigantic army of superartificial intelligence that can cause havoc and genocide within minutes in a flick of a mechanical finger, with him confronting the Avengers face to face as a "business deal" to his utter blasphemic attitudes... It is still breathtaking to see more of this amazing bastard! Oops, swears are intimidiating in these types of articles!

Frankenstein`s team against his monster`s team!!!
Frankenstein`s team against his monster`s team!!!

Look at this screenshot. Just glance at it. Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Iron Man, Thor, and also if you can quickly notice Captain America in the rear back of the left stairs panel before Thor and also, yep, Ultron.

Apparently, before these scenes as you can witness it, Nick Fury had approached most of the Avengers, and by that, I mean, most of them. Not all... First of all, Nick Fury had as seen on the trailer, presumably, conclude to a fact to understand that something which the Avengers did not like was what they could stop by themselves. Although that was not in the context, that was the initial meaning. So is it a nod to them proposing a deal with Ultron? I mean, what is their purpose here?

Well, I got a theory. This is a theory, I repeat once again! As I said before, most of the Avengers. Not all of them. The one missing Avenger, was Clint Barton AKA "Hawkeye" himself. This may be a hint that he may die at this film. Maybe Ultron and the Avengers met up to negotiate about Barton. Why? Maybe Ultron had done something with Barton. Something unlikeable. Something... HORRENDOUS. But nonetheless, I won`t take my chances as I always end up with the opposite answer.

Not a clear picture, but will satisfy!!!
Not a clear picture, but will satisfy!!!

Continuing and ending Number 2, this here, is the pick of the subcategorization of Ultron`s Do-List, which proves his extreme badassiness and his politically enchanic powers and capabilities. A flick of the finger near the index, and boom! An army of over 1000 Ultron Bots starts a destruction campaign on this massacre city.

Also... notice if you will, Ultron has developed flight abilities. This is not unusual but this just explains that he has upgraded himself, well by himself to upgrade his whole world. Confusing, huh? It`s like taking a selfie of yourself and posting on Facebook... privately. (Only Ultron and his folks admire his ideas!)

3. Well, The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance of a monster has actually come to life by a special asskicking redheaded agent!!!

Ahem, at least close the door, doc!
Ahem, at least close the door, doc!

This scene, ahem, is too cocky. To me. It feels uncomfortable. Because its too awkward for a teenager like me to witness scenes like these. But, I`m being hyperventilated now.

Whats good is that we know that Natasha Romanoff is somewhat into a relationship with Dr. Bruce Banner. That does not however seem unusual to me. In the first movie, Marvel`s The Avengers, there had been parts that had intrigued me to realize that they were going to invent an adequate relationship. Well, turned out to be inadequate and completely messed up but hey, does it not specifically show, it`s smoking hot between them?!

At least, they could close the door...

3. This Fight....

Hey, don`t blame me for the picture quality!!!!!!!!
Hey, don`t blame me for the picture quality!!!!!!!!

A battle between superhumans at an insane new level in a surveilance citizen bus? Well, that seems too risky, violent and yet, at the same time, suburbanly submersive and stylish as well!!!

Ultron, somehow, inexplicably, creates a duel between him and Cap in a busy roadway, with Black Widow, following them for assistance and emergency to Cap. Ultron also once again showed his optimal tricks to piss of Cap by messing with his shield for the second time by throwing it to the bare ground (the first being, it shown broken in halves.)!

Natasha`s groundwork ability is also shown. Her speed, agility and acrobatics and the grooves with the heat and rush and the speed racing motorcycle is apparently, quiet a big one!

What was most interesting that, Cap, although smart and knows where to do all of the violent stuff, has immediately resorted to battle with Ultron at instance even though the presence of innocent bystanders, civilians and citizens were present at the utmost! That shows, rawly, how Ultron is actually a big threat to the Avengers, themselves! Just like in the comics!

3. The Classical Avengers Showdown!

Cool things...
Cool things...

Just like in the first movie, the Avengers Character badass standdown cliche is introduced once again.. with being more badassier!

Apparently, Hawkeye is visible. Maybe I was wrong about Hawkeye being killed but hey, you never know what happens in Marvel. Who`s missing is, the Hulk, Quicksilver and the Vision. Although, the Hulk is later shown in a roaring scene. What happens of Quicksilver in this current event, is mildly anonymous.

Continuing on the important news, Ultron will be reportedly, defeated by:

Teamwork/a special entity/ The Vision kills him off/ A sacrifice by a hero.

Teamwork: This is not a speculation but an obvious guess. Teamwork is obviously a potential reason Ultron is going to be defeated. That is one of the points of this movie`s plots.

A Special Entity: An object can kill Ultron? You`re thinking that its just impossible! But what if it`s not?!!! There are objects that Ultron is not exempt and immune to and he is after all, susceptible and vulnerable! Adamantium is one thing that can maybe end and crush his gears? Or Tony Stark has a self destruction autoengine of Ultron that had been prebuilt with the gears and mechanics?

The Vision Kills him off: One of the most rumored thing about #AgeOfUltron ever! The Vision does have chances to do that. Why not? The Vision has after all, the same intellect, recognition and the mechanics of Ultron as Ultron`s capabilities of his own personal intelligence enabled him to create this android and as Vision had fighting abilities similar to that of Ultron, maybe Vision ends Ultron by a similar weakness that is still unknown?

A Sacrifice by a hero: The Vision has chances. Anyone can die in this movie! This is the darkest MCU film ever yet and you can understand that by the trailers! In fact, even if, Hawkeye or the Pietroff Twins die, I won`t be surprised as there are BIG chances of it to actually occur! Well, lets see what the story has for us, people!

Well, these were my opinions of these being the greatest performances in this promotional advertisemental trailer, or whatever we guys call it in dope language. Other reasons may include, the Hulkbuster vs Hulk, more Black Widow scenes, more 3 seconds Pietroff Twins appearances and the Quicksilver vs Captain America Fight!

If you are not much of a Twitter buff, hop right into Youtube over here!!!

No matter how bad or good is, some Marvel fanatics will certainly never lose focus of it!


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