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The real Resident Evil Apocalypse. in this rendition Jill Valentine faces mutant creatures hordes of zombies and is stalked by nemesis unlike the movie. She meets Carlos Olivera and they set out to escape the city. nemesis stalking all the way. Jill Faces nemesis at the raccoon city clock tower were she gets infected by the deadly T virus and wounds nemesis where he falls into a burning trolly car. Carlos gets the vaccine at a nearby hospital and headed back runs into you guessed it Nemesis without his coat and tentacles for a right hand and Carlos fights him and delays his assault on the wounded jill. Carlos then gives her the vaccine and saves her life. Further along jill encounters a giant worm in the cemetery and battles it on her way out of the city where she finds a dead factory with umbrella BOWs and battles nemesis for seemingly one last time dissolving his body in a vat of acid. but guess what as the US government launches a Nuke to destroy the city and she is in a room with a rail gun her fight is far from over nemesis now mutated into his nearly indestructible 3rd stage battles jill one last time where he is destroyed by the rail gun. but as she leaves he attempts one last attack she unloads a discarded magnum on him and utters the phrase " you want STARS. I'll give You STARS." as the nightmare seems over a chopper lands and saves Carlos and jill and the pilot is none other than good old Barry Burton from Stars alpha team. jill thanks him and says "Umbrella is going down." and the city is nuked and the escape an all is happy. This is how the 3rd game was sorry for the spoilers but this is how the movie should have been from the start and no freaking alice. yay.


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