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I grew up with an older brother who loved horror films! He was way too young to watch the gory VHS tapes we had, so you can imagine the impact it would have on me, being 4 years younger.

We rented the Evil Dead II a hundred times, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Bad Taste became favorites of mine early on, and we lived on a steady dose of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky and Halloween.

I was too young to be aware that movies had a director, let alone think about having a favorite one, but looking back at those early days, it was clear who my favorite will be: John Carpenter.

From Big Trouble in Little China (my personal favorite) to Escape From New York to They Live and of course, Halloween, nobody does it better than the master. I was shocked when I found out later that he also wrote the music to his films.

It was no surprise that he became a huge influence on me when I became a musician myself. I was a big fan of Italian horror in particular, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I got to watch another masterpiece by Italian horror master Dario Argento, a movie called Suspiria. It completely rocked my world.

The circle was complete.

I had been trying to get into the soundtrack business and since I didn't know anybody in Hollywood, so I decided to make my own soundtrack to a non-existent movie (well, it existed in my mind) called 'Terrore!', a movie so scary, a story so terrifying, it was never made!

The artwork, made in collaboration with graphic designer and photographer Cuije, looks like a gorgeous vintage movie poster:

You can listen to the full soundtrack below:

The score has gotten terrific reviews (pun intended) and there is already a sequel planned for 2015.

You can listen to more music by Ancient Order of the Droids here.

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