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Scheduled to be released on August 7, 2015. In the past there'd already been three Fantastic Four films made. The infamous 1994 version, the 2005 remake and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer. And all of those movies were as corny as corn getting injected with corn adrenaline. The film's director Josh Trank is steering clear of the two recent films' platitudinous and opting for a grim drama instead.

Below is a quote from Trank off of inquisitr's website.

“The original two films to me are very similar to a lot of recent movies that have come out, in terms of that kind of cartoonish. It’s just not something that me and Simon are interested in as storytellers. There’s the opportunity to make something that is challenging and tragic and dramatic. The opportunity is right there in the material. We’d rather steer it in that direction as opposed to just embracing a tone that comes right off the page.”

So far, the feature has received mixed reactions about its darker tone, and the casting of the Human Torch. For the latter Trank explained that actor Michael B. Jordan wasn't chosen for political reasons, but because he simply fit the role.

“I had just come off working with Michael B. Jordan and his character, Steve, in Chronicle had a lot of similar characteristics to Johnny Storm," said Trank. "And I thought it would be interesting to take the family dynamic of the Storms, which is brother and sister, and bring that more into the 21st century in terms of what we consider the norm. I have mixed family in my own family and it’s something that isn’t out of the ordinary anymore but we don’t really see it portrayed in the casual reality of the movies. That’s something I felt that would be interesting and challenging, to have mixed siblings." -Trank

As a fan who grew up reading the comics, and watching its spin off movies and TV shows, I'm very open to this more serious adaptation. And just based off the teaser alone it seems to have potential, but it leaves some room for the viewer to think this could be another blunder if it's not consistent.


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