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Well, this is a little one that I had heard bits and pieces about. As I remember it, this one was made because someone made a fake trailer for a fake Eli Roth movie, and Eli Roth liked it. So, he put some money behind it and now we have the movie Clown.

A loving father finds a clown suit for his son’s birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer.

So, I’m the kind of horror fan that is happy to accept the reality that the movie puts forward. I won’t often criticize a story for being silly or unrealistic, as long as it’s handled right. The world that this movie puts forward with it’s premise is definitely on the end of the spectrum that makes it harder to take seriously. That said, I still didn’t hold the silliness against the movie as part of my judgement. So, for the purposes of this review, I really wanted to make sure that I was able to accept that in this world, you can put on an old clown costume and become a horrible clown demon.

That being said, the movie still felt a bit silly. It takes a really long time building a premise that doesn’t need that much time spent. You have everything spelled out for you in the first half hour of the movie, and then it takes another hour and a bit before his “transformation” is complete. This weird pacing does make the movie a bit of a chore, and really might have benefited from being a short, or just being generally shorter. The trouble with basing an entire movie on a trailer, rather than making a trailer for a real movie, is that you limit the premise immediately.

Thin story, and poor pacing aside though, this really isn’t that bad. Andy Powers does a fine enough job as the unfortunate victim of the clown skin, and credit where credit is due, the creature design for the final form of the clown is genuinely cool to look at. Creature design in clown movies tends to rely on people just being afraid of clowns, but Clown really does create a monster, which was nice. There were also some pretty cool practical effects that I have to give some props too, the movie had a pretty modest budget and they pulled off something that was kind of fun to watch.

Of course, it did have some terrible visual effects, including a pretty awkward looking “jaw rip” that they probably could have just not done, and then not used the terrible effect.

Overall the movie isn’t that bad, with it’s cool creature design and “good enough” actors, it isn’t hard to get through. Plus, you get to spend some time with everyone’s favourite Peter Stormare. It just dragged in places, and had basically put all of it’s cards on the table pretty early on, which made the rest of the film pretty predictable.

Give it a watch if you’re looking for something scary and clowny. Don’t watch it if you … don’t feel like it? If you haven’t seen Stitches yet, then you should really watch that first.




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