BySteven Jackson, writer at
Steven Jackson

A beautiful narrative, really compelling and exciting. The film 'Whiplash' was a sheer piece of brutal joy to watch.

I came in to the cinema as it wasn't my turn to pick the film - I happily chosen Shaun the Sheep - and I didn't really think much of it when 'Whiplash' was on the screen.

I had seen a small clip of a trailer and spoken about it a little bit to someone who I work with who is a drummer but I'm never really into much live action unless it's had a lot of media attention or other people have spoken very highly about it - The advertisements wasn't boasting much about it so I didn't really think much of it.

I sat down, the film started and I just couldn't and didn't want to take my eyes off the screen. It's not like any other film that I've seen before. The sets are rather minimal which makes the film really intimate and the story really only focuses on 2 main characters. It was beautiful.

The entire aspect of the film was very emotional, a fight for passion, a real heart-pounding, grappling story.

Whiplash is what I call a raw film, there's no fantasy involved. It felt real and punches you in the chest. It's about aiming and achieving brilliance, pushing yourself to the limit. Till you bleed and seizing perfection by never giving up doing what you love. Never stopping or letting anybody or anything hold you back.

If anyone is wanting to watch it - do it now. Go out and rent or buy the film. It's worth your attention - and money.


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