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How The Dark Knight Rises should of ended.

Technically it should of ended in many different ways. But let me share how I thought it should of ended. There was actually too much to tell so they should of broken it up into two parts like every other trilogy nowadays.

Yes we shall.
Yes we shall.

Ending Part I

I wouldn't completely change the movie entirely but instead add some story lines that the director for left us to guess or in other words end it in our own way.

Firstly) The climax of the movie shows Bane exposing Commissioner Gordon for the lie he built from Harvey Dent's (Two Face's) death which was great. Bane released everyone from Blackgate prison, where we are led to believe that the Joker was in. Let's say he was and decided to stay and change Blackgate into the Joker's Asylum. That's why he didn't show up.

Secondly) Bruce sees Ra's Al Ghul, which clearly was his own mind trying to make sense of the whole situation he was going through or was it all in his mind?

Maybe this was Ra's Al Ghul's plan from the beginning. Since Ra's has defied death many times before. His showing up in the pit suggesting that he will end what he started was something more then to redeem Gotham of their sins, but by what means exactly? He sent Talia Al Ghul to finished the job.

Bruce was in the pit for how long? Oh yeah, about 6 months give or take. But Bruce slept with Talia prior to that. Now keep up, there was a gap in the movie where Talia could of been pregnant. Before she let Bane's men take her in she had the baby. And that wasn't gonna stop her from completing her father's plan. So she kept moving forward after she gave birth. So where's Damian? Well Ra's couldn't take care of him so he sent him away some where. He probably contacted Alfred after he left Bruce, and Alfred took him in thinking Bruce was already dead.

Makes sense right?

Thirdly and Lastly) As Batman was seen taking the nuclear bomb out of the city he goes far enough to hit the auto pilot and ejects himself out of the Batwing. John "Robin" Blake becomes the new Batman after discovering the Batcave. Since Alfred was given Wayne Manor he was touring everything Bruce left and finds John in the Batcave. "Robin" Blake takes on the mantle of Batman.


Some time later Blake begins to train Damian to be his sidekick. End of part one.

Part II

After a few years of mourning Bruce's death Alfred finally goes to Paris as he would usually do and discovers Bruce there with Selina Kyle and that they had a daughter together, Helena Wayne. Hesitantly Alfred waited a few days before trying to go talk to Bruce but, Bruce as clever as he is, noticed Alfred found him and confronted him. After being told he had a son, Bruce decides to go back to Gotham.

As Bruce returns to Wayne Manor he sees Blake suited up in the bat suit with a side kick otherwise known as Robin. Bruce deviously spies on them and discovers that Robin was actually Damian. Blake discovers Bruce and is quick to speak to him. Blake, up until that time, was defending Gotham as a silent knight never showing his face in public.

After telling Bruce about all that was going on after he left, Blake tells Bruce that he hoped he was still alive. And that Bruce should return to be Batman. Bruce wasn't sure about his return as The Batman until he was informed that the Joker had returned. He then quickly decides to take up the mantle one last time to defeat the Joker.

Joker has a new gang of clowns he calls the Red Hood Gang. He had a plan to bring Gotham to its knees once again. Captured by the Gang, Commissioner Gordon is locked away in Joker's Asylum. Being tortured to tell where Batman was Gordon was convinced that the Batman was dead. And all that the rumors were untrue since Batman never showed his face when called Jim called for him.

Bruce finds Gordon imprisoned but realizes Jokers plot into trapping The Batman. Bruce finds a way to communicate with Jim using morse code. Jim didn't understand at first but soon realizes that someone was there trying to help him. Bruce frees Gordon but Gordon was petrified as if he saw a ghost. Realizing the rumors were true Gordon decides to keep it a secret. Later Bruce and Gordon are caught by the Red Hood Gang but Catwoman intervenes and saves them but Bruce was injured in the fight. Gordon calls for backup.

Lucius comes to Blake with a new suit and encourages him to keep fighting crime and to aid Batman in this fight. Blake takes up a new mantle and calls himself The Nightwing. Not knowing where Batman was, Nightwing asked Damian to help him find Bruce. Damian, being unsure as to why Bruce left, was reluctant to help Blake. Wanting to know more about his father Damian finally agrees to team up with him.

They are attacked by the Red Hood Gang and confronted by the Joker. Still trying to find Batman, Joker decides to use Nightwing and Robin as bait. Selina tells Bruce this wasn't his fight any more and leaves in anger. Alfred informs Bruce that John Blake and Damian went looking for him. Bruce planted trackers on them both and figures out that they were captured. Bruce suits up again and tries to find them.

Joker shows up to greet Batman and sends his clowns to attack him. Batman still injured manages to break free. He slowly lurks around to try and find Nightwing and Robin. He finds them and releases them. Knowing that the Joker was on the loose looking for them, Batman teams up with Nightwing and Robin to take on the Joker and his clowns!

Welcome to the Bat-Fam
Welcome to the Bat-Fam

Joker's goons are knocked out by Batman's tear-gas. Nightwing and Robin capture the Joker but he had one last thing up his sleeves. Joker triggers a time bomb found in the center of the asylum. Batman tells Nightwing and Robin to take Joker to Commissoner Gordon. Batman finds the bomb with a message from the Joker that reads;

" Dear Bats,







Batman doesn't fall into Jokers plan and leaves the bomb and evacuates everyone in Joker's asylum.

Joker's Asylum aka Blackgate prison is completely empty and explodes. Commissioner Gordon shows up and takes all the inmates to Arkham Asylum which was the only other place Gordon could take them.

Batman escorts the Joker to his room. Joker turns and smilingly says;

I told you, YOU COMPLETE ME! Hahahaha hahah ah

hahaha Hehehehehe HA HA HAAA!

And begins to laugh hysterically.

Bruce finally makes it back to the the Batcave and talks to Damian to apologize and explain what he did and why he left. Damian accepts his apology. Blake and Damian leave Bruce alone in the cave. The scene ends with a Bruce putting on the cowl once again.


A few days later Bruce is seen training with Blake and Damian. THE END.



Do you think Part II was legit enough to end the trilogy?


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