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Ever since I read the book "Dreamcatcher" I can't stop envisioning the mind as a "memory warehouse" with floors and floors of rooms filled with file cabinets and boxes full of memories.

I have a really bad memory. Let me clarify, I have a really bad secretary. She does not keep my warehouse tidy and organized. Memories of things that happen in my life are tossed about willy-nilly, and I don't have the money to pay a maid (or a secretary for that matter).

While my nonexistent secretary focuses on events throughout my life, I focus my efforts on two specific rooms: education and entertainment. If it has something to do with learning or teaching or writing or reading, it is neatly filed Dewey Decimal style in my Education Room. Movies, games, television, music, etc., are all alphabetically arranged in my Entertainment Room.

Let's draw back the curtain to the latter room. I recently dusted the shelves. I'll bend down into the darker recesses of my memory and grab the earliest file that still makes sense to me today (aside from all the fragments and grainy pictures).

I was seven years old. My parents and I went with a couple of their friends to the re-release of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1997. A grainy memory of me holding a VHS of A New Hope precedes this memory, but nothing of actually watching the movie (although I've been told that I did before going to Empire.) My is of watching Luke get his hand cut off by Darth Vader right before he reveals their lineage.

I was fascinated! How did they actually cut off his hand? I had some understanding that actors played these characters, but I didn't really have any concept of "special effects." I thought that what happened to the characters on the screen actually happened to the actors. His hand was gone! After the movie, I voiced my concerns to the adults around me. They answered by saying that it wasn't his actual hand. His hand was pulled under his sleeve.

I refused to believe it was fake. It looked so real. The great part was that I didn't have to wait for the movie to be released on VHS. It already was! So, I poured over Empire repeatedly at home. His hand was clearly detached from his body. The rest of the memory is pretty faded. So, I'll just carefully place it back as not to disrupt it further

I know now that it wasn't actually his hand! Shocker, right? Anyway, this memory is the first of many memories that I would be sure to take care of when it comes to movies. This is also the first memory I have of watching Star Wars. It's a big one folks! Star Wars (and movies in general) have shaped the person that I am today. When I get older and more forgetful, when I become lazier and lazier about keeping up my memory warehouse, at least I will have this solidified on the internet (a reliable firmament indeed).

Thanks for reading.

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