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As March 20th is approaching, the anticipation grows for Divergent fans! After the intense and thrilling ending of Divergent, fans we're left sitting at the edges of their seats hungry for more.

Where Divergent left off:

It's been a while since Divergent was in theaters, let's refresh our memories shall we?

After saving the Abnegation faction from being executed by the army of brain-washed Dauntless , Tris and Four escape the compound by train. As they sat on the train they realized, the fight isn't over. A war has just begun.

Still a bit confused with all of the factions?

Don't worry, it can get confusing. Here's the list!

Abnegation (The Selfless)

Amity (The Peaceful)

Candor (The Honest)

Dauntless (The Brave)

Euridite (The Intelligent)

Now you can impress your friends with your new faction knowledge!

What to expect!

Jeanine Matthews (leader of the Euridite faction) rises to power and is gaining more control of all the factions. As Tris and Four are on the run and avoid being captured by Jeanine and her followers, they are desperately searching for allies that they can trust.

Tris has to courageously fight her inner demons while saving her society from falling into shambles. It's only up to her to unlock the truth to the past of the Faction's history and protect the future for the world! No pressure Tris.

Check out the exclusive trailer!

Be sure to see Insurgent in IMAX 3D for a cinematic experience like no other!


What faction would you choose?


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