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Underground Drones

We've seen drones crawl up from the water and fly down from above, but now it seems that the drones are taking things to the next level. If these guys are just busting up under the ground, how many are stashed down there, and how long have they been there? This opens the possibility of both Ultron and his drones existing for much longer than [The Avengers](movie:9040) have been assembled.

Brand New Avengers Tower

After the Stark tower went through some wear and tear during the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers, the tower apparently has gone through quite a makeover. The reddish color palate has been replaced with a blue tone, which is strange considering all of the red imagery in Avengers 2 (Scarlet Witch, Ultron's detail color, Ultron's lightning blast, etc.). Let's just hope that Ultron's massive invasion won't obliterate this building as Loki did when he last came to town.

More Black Widow Combat

To all you who felt that [Black Widow](movie:1070824) minimally contributed in the Battle of New York, you're not alone. Sure, she shot a few with her little pistols, but how can her actions compare to Thor, who decimated them with his lightning and with Mjolnir. This time around, she isn't as ill-equipped. How much do you want to bet that those shock-sticks will do a fair amount of damage against robot drones?

Ultron = Power Source?

Seeing as it's the shiny new (probably) Vibranium Ultron pulling out the plug Matrix-style, it's pretty clear that he is already sentient. This means that he wasn't plugged in, he plugged himself in. The two reasons that come to mind are that Ultron is either recharging his own battery or powering his devastating Iron Legion. Either way, things aren't looking the best for the Avengers at this point. Also, off-topic, bu what's up with his teeth? Why does a robot need teeth?

Quicksilver Redemption

An obvious cringe-worthy scene in the trailer is when Quicksilver slow-mo punches Captain America in the face. Since it is common knowledge that Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch start out Avengers 2 as opponents, this scene shouldn't come off as a major surprise. Do you remember the first trailer though, with Quicksilver rushing to Cap's aid? If you put the two scenes together, it comes off as Quicksilver trying to redeem himself for decking the star-spangled Avenger earlier.

Where Is Cap?

We've seen a lot of different environments throughout the different trailers, from the snowy forest to the hotter climate in the Hulk vs. Hulkbuster scene. This one seems unique. For one thing, it looks like Cap is on a bridge, but a bridge way far up in the skies. It's apparent that those cars that are slipping off aren't supposed to be that far up. Did Ultron develop some high-tech floating bridge to delay the Avengers? Because if so that guy has way too much free time.

Romanoff And Banner Love Interest

Regardless of the helicarrier Hulking-out in the first Avengers, Natasha seems to be giving in to Banner's emerald charm. Judging by the background, they seem to be in the house where Tony and Steve have that wood-chopping session. Perhaps while they were seeking refuge from Ultron, they found comfort in each other's arms.


"There's no way we'll all get through this." - Stark

"I got no plans tomorrow night." - Cap

This scene is the most devastating scene of the trailer for me. If you read into it, Tony is saying that someone is going to die, but we all knew that right? Whedon told us that a while ago that we could expect "death, death, and death". It's Cap's response that shatters my heart. "I got no plans tomorrow night." He is basically signing up to die. Most of us know that [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) comes out next year, and the probability of him dying in that film are very high. It could be that Steve just alluded to his own future death.

Vision May Be A Bigger Deal Than We Think

In my last article, I talked about the inclusion of the remaining Infinity Stones in the upcoming Avengers sequel. When I watched the trailer, the first thought that came to mind at the end was "Holy crap! We finally get a good look at Vision." As exciting as that may be, I rewound the trailer a few seconds because something shiny caught my eye. It's easy to overlook the yellow gem in the center of his head, seeing as it is part of his character design in the comics. However, at second glance, I realized that the texture of the gem looked very similar to the texture of the Tesseract and the gem in Loki's staff. Furthermore, I believe the yellow gem to be the Soul Gem, for that would explain Vision's human-like qualities. If this speculation proves to be true, and Loki's staff gem turns out to be the Mind gem, that only leaves one more to go: the Time gem.


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