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This is a really hard one for me because I've been a movie buff since diapers and I can generally remember all of them (shamefully, even Barney)... But what actually impacted me? Now, that's a hard one to answer. Most people who know me would immediately assume The Lord of the Rings (because it's seriously the greatest ever!) but, though it came to mind first, that's actually not true if we're going for a 'first movie memory'

The problem that comes to mind now is this... There are two movies that I remember greatly impacting me and my imagination and I can't remember which one came first, nor could I tell you which I liked better but this one is the best memory...

The Never-Ending Story

I was a bit of a loner as a kid and loved watching movies and reading alone in my room. Looking back, my parents must have really appreciated that (at least until my teenage years and then... YIKES). So, watching a movie about a boy who also preferred spending his time alone and reading really hit home. Not to mention I'm a sucker for serious adventure movies/books.

But what really made this an amazing movie memory, is that it was the first time I allowed 'others' in my room to come watch it with me. Why? Because there was a big, bad wolf in the movie and I was scared.

So, what did I do? I asked for my big brother to come watch it with me. (I excluded my younger brother because he was soooo 'loser' status)*

Afterwards, my brother and I would replay our favorite scenes from the movie. He'd play Atreyu and I made up my own 'warrior girl' character called Danica. Eventually, my younger brother was admitted to also play.

Honorable mention...

The other cool movie that came to mind for an awesome memory was The Labrinth, but that's a story for another time. :)

** My younger brother is now totally cool status by the way.

So, kinda cheesy, but there you have it...My [](tag:2750718) !


So, is the story of how I got my nickname (Danica) kinda cheesy?


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