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Mike Leary

Chris Nolan's epic Dark Knight trilogy changed Batman for the better, a dark vision of an epic hero. But as a lifelong Batman fan there was one detail I could never swallow; in no world would Batman give up his fight. Popularity and public opinion have nothing to do with Bruce Wayne's mission to save the people of Gotham.

Without further ado I present my vision for the final scene of The Dark Knight.

"The news is claiming the Batman murdered Harvey Dent." Alfred swings the car into the long driveway of Wayne Manor, a crane looming in the distance as the sun peaks over the horizon "I find that hard to believe."

"The news will say a lot of things about the Batman, Alfred." Bruce scrutinizes the construction, his father's house is taking shape before his very eyes "That won't stop him."

"The police will come after him, Lieutenant Gordon can't be his ally any longer."

"It's Commissioner Gordon now." Bruce's eyes grow dark, his mission is unchanged, his determination only stronger. "Gotham needs what Harvey Dent represents, what he stood for. Gotham needs that hope, they have to believe in him."

"And what of the Batman?"

"He'll carry on, people may hate him, the police may hunt him." The car pulls to a stop, Bruce steps out, staring up at the crane "That changes nothing, his mission is singular, he protects these people, he's doesn't require their favor." Stepping through the large archway that will be the front door, he runs his hands along the granite "Let the police come, he will continue to evade them. He knows what's right."

The two men make their way through the house, to an elevator shaft that somehow survived through everything, into the bowels of the foundation. "I hope he's prepared for the fight ahead."

"He is." They emerge deep underground, as platforms rise from dark water, revealing a work station with glowing monitors "Now."


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