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I was three going on four years old, and I was SO excited to go to the movies - a mystical place where different worlds of fun played before your eyes, and it was my first time! Little did I know that I was going to be sitting in plenty more theaters to come. Anyways, it was The Polar Express, the movie that enlightens peoples' hearts and gets your spirits cheery and christmassy.

Ya know what I mean?
Ya know what I mean?

This christmas classic was the most wonderful thing to me at the time and it really got me into believing in Santa!

SANTA IS NOT REAL! :'( It's been your parents this whole time!

Hahah just kidding! We all know that Santa is real... Right guys? Anyways, this movie is what I call a great wholesome movie packed with love, christmas spirit, hot chocolate, and horror. That's right, horror. And that's where the first memory comes in.

AAAAAAAAAAAGH! Creeeepy!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAGH! Creeeepy!!!!!

It was this scene that triggered the nerves in my brain to store this in my memory for a long time. It scared the crap out of me, I was three, for pete's sake! If you haven't seen the movie, shame on you. But basically there's this creepy 'abandoned toy' train car that has a bunch of ghastly, broken dolls and numerous puppets strung above. And this hobo ghost guy makes an Ebenezer Scrooge puppet yell at the main character (whose name never surfaces in the movie or on Wikipedia) and is a compete jump scare, or at least thats how I remember it.

So, anyways, thats my ... Sorry it's not a happy one but seriously, watch The Polar Express if you haven't, and if you have, then watch it again.


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