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WARNING: If you did not watch all episodes of The Flash take care. SPOILERS in this article*

I didn't wanted to start my articles with possible theories, or better said... with my fan-theory. But this is one of those things that you just need to share. I feel that this is the most logical place to take the series and open the second season of the flash and so satisfy fans & hardcore fans.

Run Barry run....this is where the flash really started for me. The flash is one of THE series right now. It's just able to satisfy such an huge audience that is amazing, this, and having an shared universe with the arrow , just amazing.

I can be writing this and maybe be so wrong, but I think the flash writers are getting to somewhere I think they are building something up.

Let me explain...

Norah Allen's death....

....When I was a child I saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible......

One thing Barry will never forget and what inspires him to be who he is , is after the lost of his mother, he doesn't want somebody suffering like him , it's not just that, seeing as a kid that your father gets in jail and is really innocent is traumatic enough. Even before he got his super powers, Barry always wanted to help people, help them not to suffer like he does and at least try to bring justice and peace to the people that lost somebody.

The worst night of Barrys life...
The worst night of Barrys life...

But now, as far as we know Barry was twice there at the same time. Two different versions of him a present and future version....

Barry was there when his mother was killed and probably tried everything he could to avoid the real faith of his mother

Time travel....

Barry is able to time travel thanks to the speed force, and it was confirmed that we will see in the first season the flash time traveling. It will start as an Groundhog Day episode, kind of like the hangover episode of smallville.

And at the end of season 1 Barry is probably able to control the speed force to know where he wants to travel back in time, and his destination is the past, to save his mother. Remember the moment where Barry and Reverse flash stand in front of each other in the stadium? You remember the flashes around them? That was no energy, that was them, in a future fight.

The flash and the reverse flash started a fight in the present to continue it in the future to decide the winner in the past. And even now it is possible that we have them fighting around since even noticing.

We have the characters!

Season one of the flash could end with Barry saving his mother and going back to his time. The last scene is waking up in his office , just to see that things are not like before.

And with a big cliffhanger we will probably need to wait and see what will happen.

Barry will wake up and see that he is not in his universe , he will know that he changed something.

So I do not think that there will be a war between Atlantis and amazons in this version, I think it will be more a war between meta humans . tension will be build up when General Eiling will begin a fight with this meta humans. In the cómic, cyborg is the american hero, controlled by the state.

I think this character will be represented on the show by Ray Palmer, he will be the one who needs to prevent an important attack. In the mean time Barry is trying to find one of his friends, but for his surprise he only fights Caitlyn and Cisco fighting. Caitlyn is one of the affected of the star labs explosion she is killer frost mean while Cisco as the vibe is trying his best to keep central city as save as possible.

Cisco will help to recreate Barry's powers so he is able to save the world before it is to late.

A Fight between those two woudl be awesome!
A Fight between those two woudl be awesome!

Crossover characters

I do not think that it will be an flash/ arrow crossover , what would be cool but I think the flash will recur to their cross over characters like Felicity smoke or like soon introduced The Atom.

General Eiling has a plan to destroy the meta humans with a cost to destroy central city. The flash with the help of the atom and Cisco, needs to convince the meta humans to forget their difference and get together and fight the real evil.

All together, the real enemy can be fought.
All together, the real enemy can be fought.

For Barry's surprise, in this world ,the heroes are most people that are in Barry's basement jail. But for the sake of both worlds he needs to forget what happened and fight together. Rogues working together with the suicide squad to bring justice to a world that its lost and needs guidance.

Who is the reverse Flash?

I do think we have only one reverse flash and not like many thought that there is a second one.I think Harrison Wells is a Time Traveler, but coming from this Universe where Norah never died and he becamed [The Flash](series:1068303) instead of Barry, he then traveled through time and space so he can take his plan to perfection.

Harrison Wells plan is to show Barry this world, to inspire him even more, to let him know that he needs to cross a line that Barry would never be able to cross to keep the world safe. Barry is not able to get back to his time because the speed force is being shared, so wells let him choose, to safe his new world, or to end with Wells.

Will Wells fate his destiny? Or plan a comeback?
Will Wells fate his destiny? Or plan a comeback?

Only then he will be able to travel back in time and make the hardest choice of his life, prevent that Barry saves his own mother.

What do you think? Is everything being set up for "Flahpoint Paradox?"


Would Flashpoint fit into the show?


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