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The third, and possibly final, Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has arrived, and it is goooood. Clocking in at a solid two minutes, there is a ton of new footage to dig through, including our first look at the movie's strangest new character.

First of all though, here's the trailer if you missed it:

And now, the breakdown:

We've been assuming for some time that this location is Baron von Strucker's headquarters, but here it's being used as a throne room for Ultron. Maybe it's both? In any case, he's accompanied by Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch's expression in this scene is odd to me. It's very attentive, but those eyes are so dead. My guess is some kind of mind control may be at work.

Ultron is so dramatic. The red robe/veil/blankie he's wearing is very evocative of the cover of Annihilation: Conquest issue #5. It probably doesn't mean much story-wise (Annihilation is a super cosmic-y arc), but it's a cool little nod to the comics.

This location is Digital Media City, a real-life tech/business complex in Seoul, South Korea.

These two seem like throwaway background characters, but they do appear again in the second Ultron trailer, so who knows? Little Peter Parker, is that you? Kidding, of course.

Ultron is unplugging for some reason? Is he charging? Freeing himself? Jacking out of the Matrix?

"There is only one path to peace... their extinction." Sounds like Ultron is coming down with a bad case of "evil movie AI trope"-itus.

Avengers Tower ladies and gentlemen!

Tony Stark's robo-helpers doing... something to an Ultron-bot. Building? Repairing? Dismantling? The pieces look a lot like the creepy robot that Ultron uses to crash the Avengers' party in previous trailers.

"I tried to create a suit of armor around the world... but I created something terrible."

"Artificial intelligence."

Ultron's robo-pals look absolutely terrifying in this movie. Here they are literally clawing their way out of the ground.

"It's called the Ultron program." Notice Tony's sweet t-shirt, which means that this is a different scene than the previous conversation with Bruce Banner. Does this happen before or after Ultron goes crazy?

Captain America tries and fails to save some cars falling off of a bridge. He is not going to be happy about that.

This scene is from that leaked clip we saw a few months ago, basically setting up the foundations of Captain America: Civil War.

Now kiss. Also, poor Hawkeye.

Everyone's hanging out in the farmhouse, which becomes the Avengers' temporary HQ after Ultron totally wrecks their shit and forces them into hiding.

Don't get too excited, that's not Wolverine. It's just Hawkeye.

Those soldiers are having the worst day of their lives. Who are they? HYDRA? My guess is that this takes place pretty early on in the new movie, with the Avengers doing their thing as a superhero team before it all falls apart.

A quick shot of Captain America in South Korea. I wonder why he's spending so much time there? Rumor has it that after Ultron beats them the first time, the Avengers split up to take on various missions around the world. Maybe Cap's segment takes place mainly in Korea.

Tony Stark has the Loki-pokey stick! I'm guessing that the Avengers regain control of it after defeating Von Strucker and HYDRA at that castle we keep seeing (thus freeing it up for Ultron to move in). All of this HYDRA business probably takes place early on in the film, setting things up to go from good to horribly wrong once Ultron shows up.

Bruce Banner forgot his outfit.

And Nick Fury gives a motivational speech. I'm glad to see he got his eye-patch back.

Iron Man, Thor, and Cap vs. Ultron, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Yes please!

"No way we all get through this." Foreshadowing? If Age of Ultron has a major character death, Marvel has done a helluva job keeping it under wraps.

Cap fights Ultron atop a moving truck.

Notice there's a deactivated robot of some kind inside the truck, are they fighting over it? Why?

Everything about the Hulk vs. Hulkbuster fight looks amazing.

Scarlet Witch works her mind magic. She apparently gives everyone on the team some kind of vision. My guess is that Black Widow's will be a flashback to her time working for the Russian government, and maybe some of that surgery we saw in the last trailer.

Quicksilver pummeling Captain America.

Scarlet Witch pummeling Captain America. Her power level is insane. Is this version of the character an Inhuman? The result of HYDRA experimentation? A little of both?

Ultron pummeling Captain America. That guy sure takes a lot of punishment.

Is that the best you can do?

Naw dawg.

Black Widow's new stingers.

The Avengers! Notice that Scarlet Witch is now on their side.

And one final tease... it's the Vision!

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