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Roy Maza

Seems like J.R.R. Tolkien's The Shire from his novels of the LOTR and The Hobbit is finally coming to life.

The Middle Earth will come to life as close as it looked like in the Peter Jackson's movies as a theme park in Rincón de la Victoria in Málaga, Spain.
After spending € 1,7 million for its construction the theme park will be ready to open in no time according to the mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francsico Salado.

The theme park won't harm or affect in any sense the environment / nature of the place, since it was created as close as it could be to the idea of a natural place just like The Shire looks like. There's not alot of information about it, but I certainly hope that it won't let us, the J.R.R. Tolkien fans disappointed.


Would you like to stay in a hobbit house in this theme park?


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