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Hello and welcome to another exciting addition of Slowbro News, the article series that tells you about some old news you may or may not have known! For the record, though the word "News" is in the title, Slowbro News is more than just reports or headlines. For instance, today I've got a story that may not necessarily teach you anything, but it will definitely be a cool little tidbit to hold within your mind! If you haven't heard of it already that is!

So without further ado:

It's my article, I can put Velma in if I want!
It's my article, I can put Velma in if I want!

Now, as you all know, Leonard Nimoy, the actor known for playing Spock in countless Star Trek films and televisions series, has passed away. This unfortunate news has caused tons of fans to express their feelings towards the tragic news. One such fan is Zachary Quinto, the newest actor to portray Spock on screen. It's not surprise that the two were friends, but Zach saying goodbye to his beloved fellow Spock and saying that "he was a father to me" was simply touching. But in all honesty, I never knew the two were such great friends. I mean, I always assumed that due to portraying the same character and even doing a movie together, that the two must have like each other, but these two were Spock-Buddies for life!

Just look at this video all the way back in 2009, the year the first in the newest Star Trek series came out. In this, their very first interview together, Old Spock and New Spock talk about the character's odd phrase, his long ears and their run ins with very dedicated fans.

It's such a touching video. Seeing Zachary Quinto talk with Leonard about a character that they've both done an amazing job portraying. It's easy to forget that Zachary grew up watching the escapades of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner just like any other Star Trek fan, and that Leonard was probably his idol. His body language in the interview is exactly how any person meeting their inspiration and idol and actually getting to sit down and talk with them would be!

I'm of course very saddened by the news of Leonard's passing, but I'm glad that he found someone he could confidently hand the mantle of Spock over to!

Video courtesy of: Newsweek


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