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So, I watched the third Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer today, and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!!! It had so many things that excited me ten times more for this film. (which is saying a lot because I was REALLY excited already!!!)

If y'all haven't yet seen the trailer, then please, watch it. Watch it twice, watch it 'till your eyes bleed!!!!!! OK, bad idea. Enjoy!


First off, we had another glimpse of the battle between Hulk and supposedly Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor. We don't have any evidence that Tony was in the armor, it could've been Ultron. Sorry I don't have many pictures from the trailer, but we see Hulkbuster flying up while smashing Hulk into a building.

Captain America's "Invincible" Shield.

Also, Captain America's shield has excited me a few times, and for a few different reasons. The first was in an earlier trailer when we see it broken into pieces. This goes to show that this movie will be IN.TENSE!!!! It would have to be for them to break a vibranium shield!!! The other reason is when Cap loses it and Black Widow picks it up while riding her motorcycle. I hope that means we'll see her use it to fight Ultron or something. That'd be interesting.

Death, Death, and More Death!

Again, this movie is going to be crazy intense! I have a feeling that a LOT of people will die! We see Cap trying to stop a car from falling from about 35 stories up. However, the bumper (which is what he was grabbing) breaks off, and the car plummets to its doom. Now, he wouldn't try to save a random car unless there were people inside. I think it's safe to say they died. That's just one of many things I saw in the trailer suggesting people were just brutally destroyed!!!

I also can't wait to see...


Ya know...and Scarlett Witch! Boo yah!!!!!!!!!
Ya know...and Scarlett Witch! Boo yah!!!!!!!!!

I really like watching super speedsters on screen. DC's television series The Flash is one of my current favorites. I really like the affects they can do with super speed, and am interested to see what all they'll do with him in Age of Ultron. It'll be really hard to beat Fox's version of Quicksilver from X-Men: Day of Future Past. His character was one of the best parts of the entire film!!!! Observe!

However, I have complete and utter faith that MARVEL will do it. Because...ya know, in Whedon we trust, right? Except he just totally punched Cap in the face at super speeds. Jerk!

Giant Arc Reactor?

Oh, and back to the major destruction and whatnot, do you remember the part where Thor says, "Is that the best you can do?" at 1:54? Well, they're fighting in a completely decimated city. Again, major destruction!!! But more interesting than the CITY they're fighting in, is the thing they're fighting AROUND. It looks to me almost like a gigantic arc reactor. Whatever it is, they seem to be fighting awfully hard to protect it. If I'm right, then that could have a major affect on the movie.

Black Widow!

WOAH! What?
WOAH! What?

Not only am I hoping for her to use Cap's shield at some point, but the trailer shows that she has definitely upped her game seen we last saw Agent Romanov. She's sporting a new suit...THAT LIGHTS UP TRON STYLE!!!! and she's goin' all crazy-Nightwing on us with them electric billy-clubs!

Also, we caught a little more of her and Bruce Banner's, um...thing that's going on. WHAT?


Loki's Scepter Returns!!!

Just when you thought Loki was running out of juice, he doesn't!!!!! We see Tony Stark pick up Loki's Scepter at 1:15. It seems Loki may have a part to play in this film as well. What Tony's planning on doing with it, we have yet to figure out, but I'm sure it'll be EPIC!!!! Yes, I said epic!

The Snowy Forest!

Run little Barton, run!!!!
Run little Barton, run!!!!

I was first excited with this forest due to the fact that in the first two trailers the only characters seen in it were Hawkeye and crazed Bruce Banner. That led me to believe that Hawkeye was trying to take down a runaway Hulk. And Hawkeye, being one of my favs, I believe is very underrated. He can hold his own against the Hulk, at least for a while and I think it would be the perfect opportunity for MARVEL to show its fans how cool he really is. But in this new trailer, we see all of the Avengers in the forest, that kinda puts a dent in my theory, but I still hope it'll happen.

We also see in the forest the Avengers fighting some military soldiers. My question is why? Are they Avengers outlaws? Will this help lead up to Civil War? Are they Hydra agents working for Strucker? I guess we'll have to find out May 1st.

And now, the thing that excites me most, ......


Vision. And they show his eyes...well played MARVEL
Vision. And they show his eyes...well played MARVEL

For the first time, we see Vision in the trailer. IT TOOK THREE TRAILERS AND ALL WE SEE ARE HIS EYES?!?!? He'd better be amazing in the film. And I mean AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I'm not a huge fan of Vision, but I'm excited to see what they do with him. Having him be JARVIS is absolutely genius!!!

Overall, I'm super excited about this movie. Can ya tell? I would normally think that they jam-packed it full of WAY too much, I mean, you've got Ultron, (that alone is crazy huge) then you've got the Hulk's break down, (that's deserving of it's own movie) and not to mention Vision, then Strucker and Hydra. There's also, Klaw, War Machine, a lot of Asgard, Falcon, oh and Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, the twin children of Magneto, sworn enemy of the X-Men. WHAT?!??!?! But since it's MARVEL, I believe that they will be extremely successful with it all and not under use or over use anything, and that it'll be nothing less than PEE-YOUR-PANTS-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

What about you? Are you excited?


Is Age of Ultron gonna be the best movie of the year? (ya know, besides Star Wars obviously)


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