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Yes, we all know the infamous line "I volunteer as tribute!" and the quote has been recited throughout the world along with the mocking jay whistle; but what if Katniss didn't volunteer to take Primroses place?

At The Reaping Effie Trinket slowly twirls her glimmering flamingo pink nails into the large glass bowl containing the possible reapees names and snatches a single piece of parchment. Grinning with the uncanny excitement that is her trademark.Trinket opens the paper and reads the name "Primrose Everdeen". Prim hesitantly shuffles out of the crowd and into the opening, Katniss quickly appears behind her and grabs her little sisters hand. They walk up to the podium; tears begin to build in Katniss' eyes. The two embrace for what seems like several minutes and then a few peacekeepers pull Katniss away. Prim screams "Katniss! Katniss! Don't hurt her!" Katniss yells back, "Prim stay strong! Remember everything I've taught you!"

After meeting her mentor, Haymitch, and Peeta, Prim quickly starts to learn camouflage skills from Peeta and tactics how to stay safe and out of danger. -When the games begin Prim runs to the woods instead of running toward the cornucopia. There she begins to collect mud and other materials to begin her camouflage. She collects berries which she knows is safe from lessons Katniss taught her and then retreats to a large tree to stake out the games. While settling onto a large branch 20 feet up in the tree Prim hears canons go off regularly and notices the sound of leaves crunching below. Anxiety sweeps her, slowly she leans to look down- its a group that had banded together. Luckily they don't notice her and they disappear far into the woods. After a long restless night and a bag of berries later Prim rubs off her camouflage and makes her way down the tree. She stops to a sound, a rhythm from a whistle. Listening to the whistle she looks up to sees Rue, a girl she befriended during training. She smiles to the hiding girl and climbs up the neighboring tree. Once she reaches the top Prim and Rue share what little food they have together and then initiate a plan to go to a river in the distance to collect some water with Rues bottle. They descend the tree and embark on their journey. They tell each other stories of what their lives were like before the games and continue to bond and enjoy each others company. Rue then hears a sound from behind them; it was another tribute. He launches a spear toward them but Prim throws a poisonous gas filled pellet at him and jumps in front of Rue to protect her. "You did it, you saved us." Rue says happily but the joy quickly fades as Prim turns to face her and the spear that the enemy had thrown was deep in Prims stomach. She falls to her back and Rue stumbles to catch her, holding her savior in her arms Rue pulls the hair away from the weak Prims eyes and says with teary eyes "You saved me... don't you dare leave me now!" Prim smiles and looks at the artificial sunlight streaking through the tree tops "Don't worry Rue.. I don't feel anything... you were my only friend," the group of tributes enter the clearing and see the two girls with blood stained hands and run to help them. Peeta, in shock, grabs Prims hand "I'm so sorry I wasn't here to protect you! I'm so.." all the sound fades, only the breeze can be heard as Prims eyes slowly close and she goes limp.

People from every district begin to rebel against the peacekeepers and the Capitol, the remaining tributes convert the cornucopia into a ship and break out of the arena, Katniss and Gale become leaders of the Revolution to take down the Capitol. Everyone was furious of Primroses death but what they didn't know was that she didn't die, her body was retrieved by a secret organization called 'Faction'. They placed her into their hospital while she was in a coma. After 8 years Prim finally awoke, but it wasn't to the same world she remembered. During the first year of her unconsciousness all the districts were at war with the Capitol and chaos and destruction ran rapid. There was no more Capitol, no more districts, just a barren land of rubble and old memories of the very few that were lucky enough to be part of 'Faction'. The organization rebuilt society to what they believed was just and secure. Everyone decided it was best to start fresh and have new names; Prim chose Jeanine Matthews. They separated the people into societal divisions or 'factions' representing their aptitudes and values. After facing the fact that everyone she knew was dead and that everything she knew was gone she became very guarded and withdrawn emotionally from situations. That was until she began to fall in love with the medical professional that was helping her gain her strength back. They fell for each other and after being released from rehabilitation, Jeanine and Jack, her newly fiance, moved into the faction Erudite.

Jeanine and Jack M. at their house warming party.
Jeanine and Jack M. at their house warming party.

They lived together and invested countless hours and credit toward to construction and future for their faction Erudite. The night before their wedding Prim... excused me, Jeanine files in Jacks office referring to a particular patient he had around the same time Jeanine come to from her coma. The patients file was titled "Katniss Everdeen=Natalie Prior". She couldn't believe that Katniss *cough cough* Natalie was alive! She confronted Jack about the file and demanded he tell her everything and asked why hes been lying to her all these years. Jack told her that Natalie had been ambushed in a battle and struck in the back of the head; when she woke up she couldn't remember anything from her past, she couldn't even remember her own name. He then told Jeanine that he would never keep anything from her again and told her his darkest secret... that when he took the placement test his results were inconclusive and that he was Divergent. His secrets and lies broke her heart and forced her to push everyone away. She screamed to bring attention to the house and when law officials entered she told them that he tried to attack her and that he was Divergent.

Overcome with so much anger and hate toward discourse and unlawful activities Jeanine took power as head of Erudite to make certain that all those that attempted to do whatever they wanted would be punished. Knowing her sister was alive and was raising two children with a husband began to break her heart even more. With so much heart break she was left with the physique of being emotionless. Jeanine's unfortunate life situations made her who she is today. An arrogant, heartless, and over-controlling sociopath. But hey! At least she can rock the powerful political leader description pretty damn well right?!


Do you think Jeanine (Primrose) should get some slack from her troubled past?


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