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The Brady Bunch Movie is one of the greatest movies of our generation, and I will stand by that statement until the day I meet Tiger's fate. The movie featured the strange combination of the Brady family plucked straight out of the 1970s and placed smack dab in 1995. The culture clash that followed opened up some amazing satire and light-hearted comedy.

The movie has seen a resurgence of popularity lately, following Marcia Brady becoming a meme on Tumblr. No matter how popular it may be, I will insist on quoting it for twenty more years to come.

In honor of The Brady Bunch Movie, here is a look at how the cast has transformed since the movie premiered.

Marcia Brady - Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor brought an unbelievable resemblance to the role of Marcia, but she also killed it when it came to nailing the lines that seethed with judgement like "Sure, Jan," and "Nice try, Jan." Between The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel, Taylor appeared as the racist bully whose hair falls out in The Craft. You probably recognize Taylor from her movies with husband Ben Stiller, like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Tropic Thunder, and Zoolander. She also brought her comedic chops to [Arrested Development](movie:38917) as Sally Sitwell,

Lastly, if you've been on Tumblr lately, you have probably seen quite a lot of her in glorious GIF form.

Jan Brady - Jennifer Elise Cox

I'll be honest, I developed a full-blown obsession with Jennifer Elise Cox after The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel, which led me to track any bit appearance from "the new Jan Brady." I remember her as a standout guest star from the Clueless TV series, The Comeback, and Six Feet Under. Cox also played a hilariously grown-up version of daughter Annie in a flash-forward episode of Nip/Tuck. These days you can catch her appearing alongside Lisa Kudrow on the Showtime series [Web Therapy](series:757099).

Cindy Brady - Olivia Hack

As the precocious Cindy Brady, Olivia Hack affected a lisp and never dropped her Kitty Carryall doll. Following a stint on the nighttime soap Any Day Now, Hack turned most of her attention to voice work. She was the voice of Rhonda Wellington Lloyd in Hey Arnold!, Katooni in [Star Wars: The Clone Wars](series:200641), and, best of all, Ty Lee in Avatar: The Last Airbender! Who knew our generation's Cindy Brady had such a famous voice?

Carol Brady - Shelley Long

After her turn as doting matriarch Carol Brady, Shelley Long appeared in some small roles on Murphy Brown, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and one of my favorite DCOMs Susie Q. She also reprised her classic role as Diane for the Cheers spinoff, Frasier. These days, you probably recognize Shelley Long as Ed O'Neill's rage-inducing ex-wife on [Modern Family](series:201500). I'm still waiting for her to reprise her seminal role as Phyllis Nefler in Troop Beverly Hills.

Greg Brady - Christopher Daniel Barnes

Christopher Daniel Barnes hung up his color-blocked bell-bottoms after A Very Brady Sequel and conquered the voice acting game by landing the role of Peter Parker in the TV series, Spider-Man. His voice acting career has been good to him, and these days he voices Electro, Vulture, and Max Dillon in Ultimate Spider-Man.

This may have happened before The Brady Bunch Movie, but it requires acknowledgment: Christopher Daniel Barnes is also the voice of PRINCE ERIC in The Little Mermaid!

Peter Brady - Paul Sutera

Following his role as the pubescent Peter Brady, Paul Sutera turned his attention to work behind the camera. He served as associate producer on Road Rules and The Challenge before moving on to help produce Bad Girls All Star Battle and MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge. These days, Sutera produces the immensely popular and entertaining [Shark Tank](series:755814).

Bobby Brady - Jesse Lee Soffer

Jesse Lee Soffer starred as the youngest Brady boy with an interest in detective work, Bobby. Soffer has continued acting since his days as a child star. He appeared on over 500 episodes of the daytime soap opera As the World Turns, for which he received three Emmy nominations. He had roles in In Time with Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde and the miniseries Hatfields & McCoys. For two years he starred in [Chicago Fire](series:755954) before recently bringing his character Jay Halstead over to Chicago P.D. There are rumors that he's dating his co-star Sophia Bush.

Mike Brady - Gary Cole

Since ditching the afro and the astroturf as father Mike Brady, Gary Cole has stacked up a variety of hilarious and iconic roles. His most notable role is probably the unrelenting boss Bill Lumbergh in Office Space. He's also appeared in such notable comedies as Pineapple Express and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

When it comes to TV, Cole loves to get a little political; he's played Vice President Bob Russell on The West Wing and currently stars in HBO's [Veep](series:720997) (A.K.A. the funniest show on right now). Next, we'll see him as a foul-mouthed gymnast's father in The Bronze and trapped in an elevator with Patrick Stewart in [Stuck](series:1078348).

And this is how I feel knowing it's been 20 years since I first saw this movie:

Jan Brady, you will always be my spirit animal.

Which Very Brady transformation surprised you the most?


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