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Another classic sit-com that you may have seen in the early 2000s is Grounded For Life. The show actually ran from 2001-2005 and was a pretty big hit. I still think of this as a modern show, but of course, the means it's been 10 full years since it's been on the air (it's 2015 if you didn't know... that's some pretty solid math for ya right there if I may say so myself.)

Being Catholic and from a semi-quirky family, this show really resonated with me as I was coming of age. It was hilarious.

Check out what the cast is up to now!

Sean Finnerty (Played by Donal Logue)

Sean started out as an electrician in the underground of the New York subway, but he progresses in his career, later becoming the owner of a bar with his brother Eddie. Like a lot of sit-coms, this was the traditional good middle-class family. They were based in Staten Island.

Donal Logue, the actor playing Sean, has flatout made it, starring on [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186), one of the hottest TV shows out right now.

Claudia Finnerty (Played by Megyn Price)

Claudia and Sean were married at 18. So, they were kind of high school sweethearts, which I'm sure appealed to those viewers who were lovebirds and had children all at a young age. Like Sean, she had humble beginnings, starting out as a hostess in a Soho restaurant.

Megyn Price, who plays Claudia, most recently starred on CBS show [Rules Of Engagement](series:755973).

Eddie Finnerty (Played by Kevin Corrigan)

The Wikipedia description of Eddie is better than anything I could come up with. Here it is:

[He] is Sean's younger brother, a conniving, womanizing weirdo who can never give a straight answer to any question.

Actor Kevin Corrigan has mostly appeared in indie films and TV since his run on the show - so, since the '90s, he's remained fairly lowkey in that regard.

Lily Finnerty (Played by Lynsey Bartilson)

Lily was the selfish spoiled brat of the family. She realized that college "wasn't for her" and seeked attention from boys more often than being productive.

The actress, Lynsey, grew up to be incredibly gorgeous and has been featured on a few TV shows that didn't last.

Jimmy Finnerty (Played by Griffin Frazen)

Jimmy was the black sheep of the family. He was smart and wanted to do well in school, but his parents sometimes held him back.

Griffin Frazen is now 27-years-old and was recently in Please Give.


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