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If you've yet to see the classic Kill Bill duology you should probably look away now because I'm about to give away the entire plot of both films. But, and more to the point, you should also take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask that shameful person: "Why haven't I seen Kill Bill yet?" It's pure Tarantino gold!

Anyway, spoiler alert aside, this excellent theory by Jordan Lund suggests that Bill didn't actually die in that epic final scene in Kill Bill Vol II. But before I explain why this is the case, take a short moment to re-watch the scene in question (the moment Kiddo, played by Uma Thurman, appears to kill Bill) so you know exactly what I'm talking.

Watch the final scene of Kill Bill Vol 2 below.

Goddit? Good, let the litigation begin.

Ok, so first off, Jordan Lund's theory explains that to understand why Bill doesn't die, we must first place each of Kiddo's killings in chronological order.

Lund says,

"She wakes up in the hospital, kills Buck, flies to Japan, kills everyone in the tea house, then comes back to the states to kill Vernita Greene. We know this because O Ren's name is crossed off the list when she parks outside Vernita's house.

He continues,

"In the process of killing Greene, she accidentally does so in front of her young daughter. Her immediate reaction is shame. She tries to hide the knife behind her leg."

Lund then cleverly points out that Kiddo doesn't kill anyone else, almost as if she's too ashamed to.

"Budd dies from a snake bite. Daryl Hannah's character has eye plucked out but is left alive."

Then we get to Bill...

When we get to that murderous finale in which Kiddo apparently kills Bill, we see her use the "five point palm fist of death" technique. But the problem with that is, according to Lund,

"in the training sequences it's never shown that she learns it. We are specifically told that the master Pei Mei never taught it to anyone."

At this point I know you're thinking, yeah, yeah, but that doesn't prove anything - hang with me.

As evidence, Lund points us to this,

"The other point that's suspicious is the play acting, when Beatrix [Kiddo] first runs into the house there's a play scene with her daughter, they pretend to shoot her and she pretends to be dead. This is exactly what Bill does.

He continues,

"At the end of the film, Beatrix is curled up on a bathroom floor crying "Thank you, thank you." Who is she thanking? I think it's Bill for letting her go once he revealed he was only play acting."

The final piece of the jigsaw.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the eagle-eyed Lund points out that during the end credits, each of the people on the list who died gets a line through their name. Daryl Hannah is marked with a question mark because she was left alive. And Bill's name? Nope. Nothing. Nada. No question mark, no strikethrough.

Boom - Bill is still alive!

What do you think? Is Bill still alive?

Let me know in the comments below.


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