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Disney princesses hold an esteemed place in our collective cultural memory, and my life would certainly be incomplete without their signature songs. However, sometimes you just want to see these gals giving up their royal duties and getting in the ring.

DeviantArt user joshwmc had similar concerns and created an eye-popping collection of Disney princesses as intimidating fighters.

Whether it's Aurora becoming a pro wrestler or Snow White getting brushed up on brass knuckles technique, these Disney ladies certainly don't need any man to save the day.

1. Aurora

2. Jasmine

3. Mulan

4. Belle

5. Ariel

6. Pocahontas

7. Rapunzel

8. Tiana

9. Cinderella

10. Snow White

Now it's time for an Expendables-like movie where all these girls get together to face a major Big Bad (potentially to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends). Write me, Disney execs, because this is a goldmine here!

Check out joshwmc's DeviantArt page for even more amazing Disney fan art.

What do you think of these powerful designs?


Who's your favorite Disney princess fighter?


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