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Some would argue that Disney and its subsidiary [Marvel](channel:932254) are on top of the entertainment game, and I mean that in a non-strictly-comic related sense. Just a money-making sense. They're incredibly consistent with their blockbusters and the anticipation their marketing teams can build for movies like [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), for example, is impressive.

Warner Brothers, though, has been around forever as well and has had its fair share of hits. Especially through the vehicle of its subsidiary [DC](channel:932255). I think the company's hay day may have already passed, but they have a message to all of the Pro-Marvel people out there.

Check out what the Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara had to say at a conference about the ever-ongoing DC vs. Marvel debate...

“The worlds of DC are very different. They’re steeped in realism, and they’re a little bit edgier than Marvel’s movies.”

Meanwhile, he added too:

“The key thing is that the movies and the television shows and the games, everything looks very different …you have to be able to take advantage of the diversity of these characters."

I think this whole argument that DC is grittier and therefore better doesn't necessarily hold up, because, let's be honest, how much grittier can you get than what Age of Ultron looks to deliver with? I would argue, though, that The Dark Knight Trilogy was elite filmmaking, comics-related or otherwise.

There are Marvel people and DC people and some who like both. It's okay to fall in any of these categories! Here at Moviepilot, we love it all and we're just happy to have all of this great content.


DC or Marvel?

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