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The Dark Knight and the Master of Deduction -- two of the fiction world's greatest detective minds together in one television series. Now, how awesome would that be?

No, I haven't read or heard of any plans for such a show. But it was a thought that crossed my mind and I felt it was worth writing about here.

At a time when there are a lot of 'versus movies' releasing -- Batman vs. Superman, Captain America vs. Iron Man -- it's not unusual for more of such versus ideas to come out. But I'm looking forward to a more partnership sort of thing rather than a 'versus' concept for a Batsy and Holmesy series

The idea of placing Batman and Sherlock Holmes in one place to see whose got the sharper mind is definitely not a new concept. In fact, it has already been done in the comic world.

It has been done in the animation series world as well...

Fans of both characters have been speculating about who would win for ages now. I think it's time someone came out with a non-animated TV series around the idea.

So, here's my two cents on how I think the first season of such a series would play out. And if I was writing a script for the series, how I would start it out.

To do a Batlock series, here are some options that I would consider:

  • Get Batman to travel back in time to England.
  • Get Sherlock to travel to the future.
  • A mix of the first two.
  • Or finally, create a modern Sherlock, like the ones portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock or Jonny Miller in Elementary, and make him travel to Gotham and partner with Batman.

Alright so here's how I would like to play it.

Gotham City 2015

Wrapped around in a blanket of darkness, the city and its peaceful citizens quietly slumber. The skyline of the city is illuminated by the full moon above. But not everything is quiet, not everyone is still.

Sounds of sirens pierce through the silence.

A robbery has taken place at the R&D department of Wayne Enterprises. As the Gotham's finest enter inside the building, they witness a horrid trail of bodies of security personnel on the ground like swatted flies. They never stood a chance.

The only thing missing appears to be an expensive and complicated piece of scientific equipment. It is some sort of atom accelerator that can make atoms move faster than the speed of light. It was being used for particle physics experiments. No real world applications were considered for this device.

The security tapes reveal the handiwork of the one known as Joker. Detectives from the Gotham Police Department initiate an immediate investigation into the matter.

Why would the Joker steal such a device? It was a question that was not asked or heard by anyone but one man. Standing and watching over the crime scene from afar, the black figure known as the Batman knew there was something more here than what meets the eye.

The Joker is an agent of chaos. What would he do with such a complex equipment?

Batman begins tracking down the whereabouts of the Joker, leading him to an abandoned building near Gotham docks. He sits quietly hidden at the rooftop of the opposite building. On the 23rd floor of the building, Joker and his henchman appear to be busy making adjustments to the stolen atom accelerator, attaching it to a much larger unknown machine.

This is beyond the Joker's modus operandi.

There's someone else in there.

Suddenly, the machine is turned on. It pulls in so much of the city's electricity that there is an immediate blackout. A bright light flashes from inside the abandoned building. Batman doesn't know what he's getting into, but he needs to act now.

He swings into action, stealthily entering the building. He starts taking out Joker's henchmen head on. During the battle, he notices a dark figure standing hidden away in the corner, but he has to tackle with the Joker before he can get to him.

The machine roars louder and suddenly a portal opens, breaking the fabric of time and space.

So, this would be premise to start off the show. From hereon, each of the options mentioned above will change the story accordingly.

Travel Back In Time

If you've seen the above animated series video, you get the idea that this has been done before. So, in continuation of the story...

The dark villainous figure makes a dash for the portal and enters it. Batman deals a few deadly blows taking down the henchman. The Joker makes a run for it. Batman lets him go. It is the mysterious stranger who he knows he must pursue. The Joker is just a pawn in this game.

He takes a leap into the portal following this mysterious super-villain.

The machine explodes and the portal disappears.

Batman suddenly finds himself in the middle of the cobbled streets of London. The year is 1888. The mysterious villain rushes through the crowded streets and disappears around the corner of one of the streets.

Batman is unable to pursue as his strange cape and mask intimidate the public around him. In a fleeting moment of courage, the surrounding public pick up whatever they can find and turn against him.

In order to avoid hurting innocent people, Batman releases harmless gas bombs into the crowds. He uses his grapple gun to quickly take flight from the streets.

He escapes from the mob that nearly lynched him. But his appearance will not be easy to hide in broad daylight. He decides to get rid of his mask and cape, and change into something more fitting for his current situation. A quick change later he is one among the crowds.

From hereon, Batman moves around the streets to figure out his situation when he hears the name Sherlock Holmes. He meets the great Holmes who fails to believe the Batman's story at first, but soon begins to realize the truth.

And Batman has now recruited one of the greatest detectives of the time on his adventure for the first season. Batman further wins Sherlock's trust and proves his worth by together solving the mystery of Jack the Ripper's identity, putting a stop to the mutilations.

Well, here's the thing. Taking Batman out of his time and into the pre-Bat computer age would put him at a significant disadvantage. So, he definitely is going to need some of the technology to carry over to the past. He is also going to have to rely on Holmes' knowledge and his own skills to take things ahead.

Together in the first season they would solve a crime in every episode, while the overarching plot builds to the finale. Batman must find this new villain and put a stop to his plans. At the same time, he must find his way back home.

Sherlock Comes To The Future

So, that is how I would begin the first season of such a TV series if Batman was sent back in time to partner with Sherlock.

Now, coming to if Sherlock is brought to the future. Let's go back to the abandoned building in Gotham...

Batman is battling Joker and his henchmen. The mysterious villain makes a run for it, as the machine starts to roar louder. Batman makes quick leap just in time to avoid the machine's explosion.

But the force of the explosion is much more powerful than anticipated. As he is hurled away by the force of the explosion, in that fleeting moment, he notices a strangely dressed man whose clothes are in flames being thrown away by the explosion as well. They both land into the waters of Gotham Bay.

Batman manages to regain consciousness and avoid drowning. He sees the stranger dropping down into the depths of the water. He pulls him out and carries him along to the Bat Cave.

Introductions reveal the stranger to be Sherlock Holmes. And after explanations and the initial learning process, Holmes begins to get a hang of Gotham City.

Batman and Holmes begin to battle crime together in each episode. It is a friction filled partnership, a clash between the old ways and the new. But as time passes both characters begin to respect each other. The overarching story plot builds into the season finale of who the mysterious man is, and whether or not Holmes will be able to find his way back home.

A Mixtape

In this third option, a combination of both the above scenarios could be played out. Where Batman goes back into past in pursuit of the mysterious villain. But as the season ends, an uncontrollable event leads to Sherlock being forced to come to the future along with Batman. And, things can move on further from there.

And Finally, The Modern Sherlock

If I want to see the duo together in a series, I would prefer it be set in the modern times era. A completely new Sherlock Holmes is created in this option.

Batman and Sherlock would have met before and were even involved in a prior case that didn't go down so well. This failure would lead to tensions between them, as they come together once again to solve the mystery of this new super-villain. And, battle more crimes together in each episode of the series.

Parting Thoughts

Wow! This has gone longer than I was expecting. I apologize for the lengthy rambling. So, I leave you with these final words.

A combination of Batman and Sherlock in one television series that would be both unique and highly anticipated. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who would love to see this. We can only wait and hope that somebody does decide to take up such a project.

And, as they say, always leave them laughing... so here's an epic rap battle for your listening pleasure...


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