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Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence ornaments), burning the girl, although her house was destroyed, but she survived. Gale (Liam native of Cosworth ornaments) also escaped, Kate Nice family is safe, and pita (Josh Hutcherson ornaments) was captured Congressional District. Area 33 does not really exist, there has been resistance, there is a new leader, a prelude to the revolution is slowly opened.

Kate Nice escape from the nightmare of the arena has been designed to be good, she is a participant in the resistance movement, but also a good design, but she was unaware of. Area 33 out from the shelter, and plans to overthrow the ruling Congress area. It seems that everyone involved in the game plan, and only Kate Nice remained in the dark.

Kate Nice resistance movement involved in the whirlpool, she was forced to become a pawn, and she was forced to be responsible for many of the mission had to take up the charge to change the future country. To do all this, she must give up anger and mistrust; she must become a rebel ridicule bird - price no matter how much you want to pay.

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