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"Primrose everdeen."

Katniss froze in fear at the sound of her sisters name. She wanted to do something anything, she wanted to volunteer, but when she opened her mouth nothing came out.

Prim walked silently up towards the stage, climbing upon it with ease, standing a few feet to the left of the woman with the large excessive pink outfit. Her eyes scanned the crowd, locking with her sisters as the woman called "Peta Mellark." She mouthed a quick I love you before being ushered off behind stage, throwing a final glance over her shoulder at katniss.

A few short hours later the three of them were standing in a room together again. Prim ran to katniss, crying. She had been acting tough for the news and the reporters, but she was just a small girl, she was in no way ready for this, nor would she ever be.

"Primm you'll do fine, you know your medicine, make sure you get in an alliance, you'll be better protected that way." Katniss frantically gave as many tips as she could, although she know she would be unable to help her from any first hand experience, she had none.

After saying goodbye to her family Primm and the Baker boy were carted up to the capitol for training. She mainly stayed near the medicine and berry section, learning what was what so she wouldn't actually kill herself by eating the wrong thing. She kept an eyebrow on the baker, he stayed neared to camouflage station more or less.

Training finished quickly, Primm was loaded into a hovercraft along side her twenty three other tributes. All of them looked anxious or fearful, and Primm was deathly pale, watching the competition over the past few days. She hadn't done what her sister had asked, she hadn't really talked at all since she left district twelve, silent tears rolled down her face, she didn't want to bring attention to herself by being loud.

She was dragged to fitting rooms, then a small cylindrical tube, the elevator, this simple contraption, usually seen without malice, appeared as the most horrifying thing she had ever laid her eyes upon. She looked back once more at cinna as she stepped in, the glass slid into place around her, it was suffocating. Her breathing picked up pace as the elevator lifted, her blood pumping audibly in her ears, as lift begin to shine in, she was blinded.

As her eyes adjusted, she saw the landscape, and all of its beauty. If this wasn't the place of her possible demise, she could spend a lifetime in the middle of the large field, but this place had a very sinister aura about it, she new why, it was the twenty three lives this arena would take.

As the clock hit zero, she jumped off the pedestal, running as quickly as she could in the opposite direction, following haymitch's direct orders to stay away from the cornucopia. She sprinted into the forest, grabbing a small envelope sized, case, slightly thicker obviously. After reaching what she personally felt was a comfortable enough distance away, she stopped to open the case, it held six throwing knives.

She was horrified, that she was relieved in finding something to kill the other tributes. She had been very good with these in training, never missing the target, not even on the first try. They were light, well balanced, Prim could tell as she gently took one in her hand, not seconds later a tribute sprinted past her hiding spot, instinct kicked in and she threw the knife.

The boys body crumpled, it was the one from four, she never bothered to learn his name, she felt it was better that way, that she would get less attached If she had learned the other tributes names. Blood still ran steadily from the slash in the back of the downed tributes neck, Prim ran by and collected anything she could from his body.

She wondered what twelve would be thinking, having just seen one of the most innocent girls murder somone, without remorse, but hey the games change people. She decided that she would not just hide away, she would not just win by default, she would make her district proud.

Prim survived the night by sleeping in a crevice between two rocks next to a running stream, once morning, she awoke, and set off on a hunt. The stream provided her with adequate company, it's quiet babbling allowing her to keep her sanity.

It was barely sunrise when she found them, the entire camp of the careers, the tributes from one and two. The boy from twelve was there too, he had paired up with the careers, it was a shame, he had seemed like a nice guy, Prim thought quietly to herself.

As the sun rose slightly higher she realized that they would awaken soon, she moved in quickly and stealthily, holding one of the throwing knives as if it were a dagger. She only knew the names of the first life she took, and the last, Cato and Peeta. The others, to her were nothing more than nameless victims, who gave her power. Each kill she made seemed to allow her their life essence, she smiled as she stood amongst the group, the games had gotten to her, rather quickly as well. She may have what it takes to actually win this thing.

There was a rustling in the trees above before a thud, a small girl falling out of one only about twenty feet ahead. Prim aimed her knife and cooked her arm back, prepared to loose the knife and watch the life fade from the girls eyes. As she began to swing forward, she felt a body smash into her side, it was the boy from eleven, the boy who was built like a freight train. He shouted something at her, but her heart was beating so hard that she couldn't hear it, she could only hear the steady thumping.

She felt a sharp pain in the back of her head, as the boy smacked her head against the ground, if only she could reach her knife, then she could drive it deep into his throat, win this fight, but it lay just out of her reach. She punched and kicked and screamed, to no avail, the boy continued to smash her head against the ground, until her body went limp. The last words that escaped from her lips were in the form of a bloodcurdling cry, "Katniss Please Help Me!"


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