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The Order: 1886 could very well be, regardless of how early it is in the year, my least favourite release of 2015. The PS4 exclusive is indicative of everything so many of us find displeasing about Triple A titles. It may not exactly be a terrible game, but in many ways it's worse; it's boring. At least with an awful title we can derive some form of amusement at its dreadfulness.

But with The Order: 1886, we're forced to look at an interesting developer like Ready At Dawn, drain the elements of enjoyment from an interesting setting. I've already taken apart The Order: 1886's in our Moviepilot review, but even then I feel I was being too easy on this PS4 release.

The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 & Its Reviews

The Order: 1886, kept me playing for a little over 6 hours, and when its final quicktime event popped onto the screen in an "emotional scene", I couldn't help but laugh. Ready At Dawn may have created an intriguing world that looked beautiful, but riddling it with QTEs, boring gun fights, pointless walking sections and terribly cliched writing, ultimately left me indifferent to what it thought were its charms.

It's the equivalent of spending a few hours on a date with a person, who throughout the entire meal engages in a "conversation" about how beautiful they are - it's vapid, irritating and a waste of time and money (assuming you paid for the dinner). Then at the end of it, they tease you about whether or not they'll invite you in for some "coffee", before falling over the stairs to their apartment and knocking themselves out cold.

The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886

The game raises a few questions throughout its short running time, none of which it's out to answer in the first instalment of this apparent franchise. Instead, it feels it will satisfy our sense of intrigue by cutting to black at a ridiculous moment and leaving us with nothing else to do. It's a launch title released over a year later, and I had such hope for this PS4 exclusive.

The Order: 1886 & its Sequels - 1887?

As we're aware, from the outset, Sony intended The Order: 1886 to mark the beginning of a new franchise. They said that there was no way they were going to invest such a large amount of time into a world such as this, only to include one instalment. Therefore, it seems almost inevitable that The Order: 1887 (awful title though, let's hope they take it somewhere more interesting) will appear on the PS4 in the future.

The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886

I'm sure that the game's lukewarm reception will not deter Sony and Ready At Dawn from continuing along with their original plans. All we can hope for is that they take player's and reviewer's grievances to heart. That means no generic, boring combat. No ridiculously inconsistent plot lines. A massive reduction in the QTE department. And less reliance on the, albeit, beautiful visuals.

I'd love to see The Order: 1886 really go crazy with its next instalment and go all the way back to when they uncovered the Holy Grail. That will at least get rid of the awful cover-based shooting. But then, there do seem to be fans of the game! So where would you like to see The Order: 1886 go for its sequel on the PS4? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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