ByKyle Sivits, writer at
Kyle Sivits

Ok, so as much as I loved the ending for The Wolverine, it could have been seriously improved for all of the haters out there. Well, in my opinion, Wolverine should have instead of drastically losing his adamantuim claws in that final battle he would have came out on top with BOTH claws and looked good while doing it! For starters, Silver Samurai doesn't have any form of heat generating device , so he couldn't have burned off Logan's claws, nor does he have a device that can literally drill the healing factor out of him. Also, Logan if he wanted to could have easily regenerated said destroyed claws. So, in conclusion their final battle would have been INCREDIBLY close, but in the end I believe that Wolverine would closely win just by stabbing 'ol Silver Samurai straight through the chest.


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