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Jaramya Sick Boy Rattle

Dario Argento is hands down my favourite director of all time! His death scenes are so violently beautiful. So I figured I would make a list of my favourite Argento death scenes. By the way, there are spoilers ahead.

5. Frau Bruckner in Phenomena

This kill has always been special to me because I jokingly wished it would happen and then it really did which cracked me up. In this film there is a chimp owned by Donald Pleasence. Anyway, long story short, at the end the chimp just comes out of nowhere and kills the antagonist of the film. I would love to have this chimp as a pet! If anyone messed with me I could just send the chimp after them. You can see the kill at 1:45:50 in the video below.

4. Carlo in Inferno

This one is great because before the kill, the girl puts on the record but then the power goes off and on, causing the record to stop and start playing over and over. This creates a very eerie and uncomfortable feel to the scene which works great. You can see it at 34:28 in the video below.

3. Mira in Opera

I know this picture isn't from Opera but it's her.
I know this picture isn't from Opera but it's her.

This one is beautifully done. As Mira looks through a keyhole to see who is on the other side of the door, a man claiming to be a police officer shoots her in the eye through the key hole. You get to see the shot in slow-motion which was a great idea and works very well. You can see the kill at 1:05:10 in the video below.

2. Stefano in Opera

I was hesitant to put two kills from Opera on this list but they were both too good to cut out. In this scene, Betty is forced to watch her boyfriend murdered because the killer taped needles to her eyes. This is very cringe worthy and really just a great concept. The special effects look great in this. You can see it at 30:12 in the video below.

1. Pat in Suspiria

This one is not only my favourite Argento death scene but my favourite death scene in general. It has beautiful gore and the light coming from the glass window makes it even more beautiful. This is one of Argento's most famous deaths and it definitely deserves to be. You can watch it below.

Well that's my list. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think below.


Which Argento death is your favourite?


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