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Now that we've all seen the footage, we have started to put together our own version of the story we've seen so far. I am a Marvel junkie, and I understand how difficult it can be to pull together strong content for fans. Here is why I think Age of Ultron will be a miss with viewers.

It will follow the classic movie template Marvel has been following. Basically we will be introduced to Earth's Mightiest Heroes a while after the first movie. This will be your average jump cuts of news footage, Tony and Bruce being clever, and maybe some foreshadowing on Wakanda. The team is at the new Avengers tower right as Hell breaks loose

Now if you watch all the trailers, you can basically figure out the story.

Tony creates Ultron while setting up some sort of Ironman drone network.

Since Ultron was created by Tony, his original code would be to protect the world. He decides that saving the world means destroying humanity, and breaks free of these "strings". Taking his first steps has his own being, he moves to protect himself by assuming command of the drones. Next he finds Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and uses them to tear the team apart.

See what I mean? It's that classic Marvel movie formula. It will probably remind you a lot of the original Avengers. Especially with things like.....

Turning the Hulk against the team

Black Widow being sidelined again as the love interest/errand girl.

Avengers Assemble for sick battle shots

Before ultimately defeating the antagonist who will also have direct control over all the other enemies. This will shut down all the drones, and put a neat little bow on the film. Roll credits, 2 end scenes


Do you think Age of Ultron will be worth all this teasing?


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