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I don't know how i got here. Not really.
Sam Goldsmith

We all know what Edge of Tomorrow is, right? A sf/f action lover's Groundhog Day. But the ENDING. I loved the movie, but could not stop ranting about the ending. It felt like the writers just threw in a Deus Ex Machina (the Omega still resets the day upon dying but is still dead and the the events of the day it died all happened except for Tom Cruise's death). I thought that was unnecessary and pointless. Like, would it really kill the protagonist to just die for once? (ha). I mean it! At the end of the day, he still wins, the world is saved, and the sacrifice becomes real. Not in EoT. Tom Cruise stayed dead for less tome than Kirk in STID. I think after the Omega exploded, and Cruise's character died, there should have been some fade-in-and-out shots of an investigation team, and body extraction, and then their memorial. In full. The heroes are commemorated, and overglorified to become symbols of hope and rebuilding. Peace treaties are made, similar to Watchmen, and we get a cool CG timelapse of destroyed cities being rebuilt. You zoom out to see a shot of the Earth, and keep zooming out: solar systems, galaxies, etc. Tom Cruise does some conclusive narration, and roll credits.


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