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For those of you who have stuck by the show "Gotham", it truly has become something of its own. For the first time ever, we get a real look at Bruce before he was a symbol. Also we get to see why there was ever a need for Batman in the city. So where in the timeline does this show take place and what is in store for the future? Lets take a dive into the murky waters of "Gotham" and find out.

First off I want to throw a theory out there which is the basis of this article. Is "Gotham" a prequel to the upcoming "[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)" movie? I think so, and lets do a little math to prove this. In real life Ben Affleck is 42 years old, in "Gotham" Bruce is 13 years old. So going back in time a little bit, reveals a 29 year difference between Batman and teen Bruce. So that should put us in the time period around 1986. Now I don't know if "Gotham" has said what time period it is set in but if you look at the cars in the show it has to be set sometime in the late 80's or 90's. So it is very possible that the teen Bruce grows up to be Ben Affleck.

Why does this matter? It puts us on a new timeline, one that eradicates the previous movies and sets us up on a path towards the future. So with "Batman Vs Superman" we won't need an origins story, we already have it on TV. Granted they will have flashbacks but we won't have a 30 minute origin story like most new reboots do. The Affleck Batman also will be primed and ready to go in the new movie which means he has been fighting crime for quite awhile. I would say sometime around 1998 in this timeline is when Bruce becomes Batman. On this timeline it would mean Batman has been fighting crime for well over 17 years. This puts us right on track with the Batman vs Superman timeline since Batman is supposed to have been around for awhile.

Bruce to Bat Timeline

1986: Bruce's parents die, beginning of "[Gotham](series:1127075)".

1986-1998: The Rouge Gallery begins to take control of the city. All while Bruce is continuing his studies and training. When we get to 1998, Bruce has taken control of Wayne Enterprises and has become a staple to the city.

1998: Bruce finally breaks as crime skyrockets in the city. Bruce becomes the Batman.

1998-2013: Batman defends Gotham from the Rogue Gallery.

2013: Superman arrives on Earth. Bruce who always is thinking ahead begins to keep and eye on Superman.

2016: Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice Events Take Place

2017: Justice League is Created.


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