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Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows to ever grace our television screens! The brilliantly written show pretty much made me a bingeaholic when I managed to watch four seasons of the show in record time just in time to watch the fifth!

Breaking Bad ended more than a year ago, but like most pop-culture phenomenons, it's still being talked about today! Fans are still talking about its surprising (but honestly predictable) ending! I loved the epic conclusion to the series, but as I was watching it, I couldn't help but think, "I could do SO much better than that!"

I love endings with shock twists and surprises up the wazoo (it's a word)! Which Breaking Bad's ending did not have. At least, not enough. So I present to ye faithful readers and plotters, MY ending to Breaking Bad! But first, just so we're all on the same page here, I'll tell you the original ending first.

How It Ended

Jesse gets kidnapped and enslaved by the Neo-Nazi gang led by Jack Welker, and Walt, after leaving tons of moolah for his family, sets to rescue him and end Jack once and for all!

Jack Welker.
Jack Welker.

He goes to Jack's compound and confronts the man. He pretends to be there to kill Jesse, and shoves him to the ground! It's revealed that Walt was actually shielding Jesse from the gunfire that came soon after from a little homemade sentry gun Walt built and put in the trunk of his car. He pushes a button and the gun fires into the compound, killing all of Jack's men except for Jack and his crazy nephew. Jesse quickly disposes of Jack's nephew, and Walt kills Jack.


Jesse manages to escape before the police arrive, but Walt stays. He walks around the compound as the police sirens get louder, yet he doesn't care about getting arrested. Probably because he knows he's about to die, as he's received a rather nasty gunshot wound. He finally succumbs to his injuries, and dies as the police storm the compound.

The most epic of epic endings for the most epic show out there! But, I have a better ending. One that is certifiably insane, as to be expected from my crazy machine of a mind.

So let's get to it, shall we?

How I'd See It End.

Everything about the world of Breaking Bad is the same, up until Walt kills Jack and Jesse escapes. Walt, after killing Jack, walks around the compound. He notices that he has a large gunshot wound on his side, He chuckles, and falls to the floor. His eyes close and he hears the sounds of policeman storming the compound.

Police Officer—"Code 419!"

The other officers storm in. Walt, with his eyes shut, hears the men talking and circling his body, until...nothing. Everything goes silent and black. Moments later, Walt is being taken to the ER via an ambulance vehicle. They rush through traffic, as Walt's in SERIOUS condition! They make it to the hospital, and Walt is rushed to a room. They get him to one, but the camera stays just outside the door. We hear doctors and nurses frantically speaking and rushing around inside. We hear the heart monitor's beeping steadily at first, but gets slower and slower, stops, creating the long beeeeeeeeeep sound that everyone dreads. Just minutes later, he's pronounced dead.
The doctors exit the room for a moment. While they're gone, the window opens, and Jesse enters the room! He secretly followed the ambulance so he could see what became of his former mentor. He's still incredibly angry at Mr.White, but seeing him dead there on the hospital bed brings a few tears to his eye. He looks around to make sure no one's coming. He unlatches Walt from the bed and grabs the back.

Jesse—"I'm gonna get you out of here Mr. White!"

Jesse decides to bury Mr. White himself, both out of a sort of respect for his teacher and because he knows that Walt's criminal record will make him a pariah of the town, and guarantee him a horrible grave spot. He wheels the bed out of the hospital, dodging doctors and security guards. He quickly puts Walt in his car and drives off! The police find out and start to chase him in an epic car chase! He takes to the mountain roads and tries to shake the cops. He ends up losing crashing down the mountain. The car shakes and tumbles and Walt and Jesse are tossed around inside the car! The car finally stops moving, and police sirens can be heard nearby. Jesse miraculously survives the crash, and crawls out of the car. He tries to get Walt out too, but the cops are near and the car is smoking, so he bails. He looks back one more time and says a final goodbye to Mr. White, before leaving for good.
A few minutes later, Walt gasps for breath. He's still alive! But how? Well, his heart had failed, but only momentarily! A few more seconds and he would have really been dead. He wakes up to find he's in a smoking car. He crawls out and looks around. He's got just one question to ask about the whole situation.

Walt—"Where am I?"

He hears police and out of instinct runs away. After all, coming out of a burning car in the mountains is the formula for a TON of unwanted police questioning. He hightails it to a local town, sitting down in the diner. He orders some food and asks the waitress if she knows where he is. She tells him that he's in the Tri-County Area of Alabama.

Walt—"Ok, thank you. And, next question. Do you...know who I am?

Wait, but why would Walt be asking such a question. Well, you might assume it's because he's making sure that his reputation hasn't reached this area. But nope! He can't be doing that, because he doesn't even know about his reputation. That's right, Walt has amnesia! How? The crash! After tumbling around in the car and hitting his head over and over like a game of IRL wack-a-mole, Walt developed amnesia and has completely forgotten everything about his former life! He doesn't know who he is or how he got there, he just feels confused. He doesn't remember his family, Hank's death, Gus, Jack, anything! It's all become a forgotten part of his past. With the police far gone, and the details of his former life unknown by both Walt and the residents of Alabama, he can finally be at peace.

But what about his cancer you ask? Well, I'll explain that a bit later.

Walt finishes his food and thinks about checking in to a hospital to see if they can help him find out who he is. But then he remembers the car crash. No doubt they'd question him and he wasn't ready for that. So instead, he decides to make a new life, and forget about the old one...that he's already forgotten.
He decides that since he's creating a new life for himself, he might as well change his appearance too. So he shaves his iconic goatee, buys a wig and purchases some more clothes (he was in a hospital gown before this so...). He realizes that he doesn't know his name, so he tries to come up with a new one. After a few minutes of "Maybe George? No. Kevin? No!", Walt finally decides on a name.

Ready to know what it is? It's a shocker!

Walt—"That's it. Hal."

If that name sounds familiar to you, it's because it's the name of another popular Bryan Cranston character. One more goofy, than drug-lordy however...

Hal—Malcolm in the Middle
Hal—Malcolm in the Middle

*pause for audiences' collective gasps...and...continue!*, after making an identity for himself, isn't sure what to do next. He has no home, no family, he's all alone. For the next few weeks, he lives on the streets, carefully using his money to buy food and supplies. And by "carefully", I mean using it all at once and becoming completely broke. He's a wreck. He spends his days and nights going to shelters and hanging out in the alleys behind restaurants, waiting for them to bring out the food they didn't sell. He's just about given up on life. But then, he meets her.
Lois Wilkerson, the apple of his eye! He looks at her and is absolutely mesmerized by her beauty. He introduces himself and they click instantly. They fall in love, and soon get married. Sometime later, they welcome their first of seven children into the world! Their love is a strong one...albeit a strange one.
...Let's hope not..
...Let's hope not..
Their marriage stays strong. Until their child, Malcolm goes to college that is. After this, their marriage starts to fall apart. They argue constantly and that spark they had during their early years has dispersed. A couple of years later, they file for divorce. Lois keeps the kids and the house. Walt decides to move one state over, to Georgia. It's here where his life starts to take a turn for the worse. He gets a house, but is once again alone. He tries to connect with the neighbors, but he just feels like he doesn't fit in. So he decides to get a hobby, chemistry. He chooses this hobby because of an old chemistry set that he and Malcolm used to play with when Malcolm was younger; it's a way for him to remember those good memories he had with his son.

He soon grows a knack for chemistry and begins to get more advanced kits. Suddenly, something clicks in his head. He starts to get these flashes of memory every once in a while. But he doesn't know what they are, as they go by too fast for him to really see. He's also not incredibly sure if they're dreams or not. He sees flashes of himself, back when he was bald, a Hispanic man in a fried chicken restaurant, a blonde woman with a child and...a blonde-haired guy. This is the person he sees the most throughout his visions, and the only one that says something. Unfortunately, he can't make out what the blonde-haired mystery man is saying.
He decides to ignore them. But the next day, as he's getting food at the supermarket, he hears a familiar voice. He can't remember why it's familiar, but it just is. He walks to aisle where the voice is coming from, and sees a man with a crossbow purchasing the counter items from a blonde-haired dealer. He just stares at the man as every single memory comes back to him at once! His past, his family, his "job", it all comes back to him in one tsunami of bad memories!

Darryl—"I told you, this stuff ain't for me. It's for my brother."

Jesse—"Yeah whatever man, just pay up. Hey we on for some Madden later?"

Darryl—"Alright. Hey, who's that?"

Darryl points to the distraught Hal, who is still just staring at them. At first, Jesse isn't sure who he is. But as he takes a closer look, he finally realizes. His eyes-widen, and he runs out of the store as fast as he can! Walt...Hal...Wal runs after him. He finally catches up with Jesse, and tries to talk to him. He asks him what happened, and how he lost his memory. Jesse tells him about the crash, and how he thought Walt died. Jesse is both relieved and afraid to see his former mentor alive and well. Walt suddenly remembers his condition, and wonders how it is he's cured. He goes back home, Jesse behind him, and begins to research. He discovers that the chemical structure in his blue "product" has actually begun to counterattack the cancer! He was 100% cured! Excited, he wants to go to the local Center for Disease Control and share his research. He invites Jesse to come with.
But Jesse, having finally gotten a new life, politely declines. Walt understands, and heads off on his own to the CDC to share his knowledge and resources with the world. Unfortunately, things don't turn out very well. Before he can get to the CDC, he crashes into an oncoming car that was heading in the wrong direction. He survives, but goes to confront the driver of the other car. He yells at the man and pulls him out of the car, ready to tell him off! But the man looks...strange. His eyes are a sickly green, and his skin is pale. The stranger tries to bite Walt!
Luckily, Walt dodges him and runs off. Unable to take the car, he tries to walk the rest of the way to the CDC. While walking, he sees more people just like the stranger, and starts to wonder just what the hell is going on! He tries to turn back, but finds himself surrounded by the strange people. He's bitten twice in the arm, a ghastly sight. Jesse, in a car, sees Mr. White and picks him up. The two ask each other if they know what's happening, neither does. They decide to drive back to Walt's home. Walt, in pain, decides to try something. He takes some of his "product" and uses it. But he's still in pain. He doesn't know it yet, but hist blue meth has actually counterattacked the virus!
Walt and Jesse make it home, and Walt figures out what's going on. People are turning into undead cannibals, and the virus is spread by bites. Panicking, he asks Jesse to lock him up before he turns, so that he doesn't hurt Jesse. Jesse locks him up in a room, waiting for the inevitable. But, it never comes. Walt, relieved, begins selling his "miracle drug" to survivors and gets the nickname "Heisenberg" once more. He becomes king of the apocalypse as everyone scrambles to get their cure for the zombie bites. For a few years, things go great for Walt. But he's ultimately killed by an undead Jesse, who, after not getting the miracle drug in time, bites Walt in the neck. And as powerful as his drug is, blue meth isn't going to heal your ripped throat. So Heisenberg falls, and the only source of the miracle drug is gone. Some try to recreate it, but all fail. So now, the only thing the survivors can do to to survive.


So there you have it! My alternate ending to Breaking Bad, which also connects Malcolm in the Middle and The Walking Dead with the amazing series!

What did you think?


What did you think of my Breaking Bad ending?


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