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Star Trek: Into Darkness—the second film in the newest Star Trek series, and a massive success! Into Darkness was, in my opinion, a much better film than the first, and managed to successfully put the new ST series on par with the others! But, I have to be honest. I...didn't like the ending.

It's true, I just simply did not like it. It's not like I hated it, it was a suitable ending. But it wasn't very satisfying. But that's just my opinion. And now, I'll abuse my freedom of speech and completely rewrite the ending in my own vision!

And if you have a problem with that:

No but seriously, this is just my own opinion. If you don't like it, that's totally ok. In fact, if you feel like you have a better ending, for this or any other movie, then PLEASE don't hesitate to join Moviepilot, become a creator and write up a dashing article!

Anyway, let's begin.

How It Ended

Kirk sacrifices his life to stop the Enterprise from crashing by entering the radioactive reactor chamber and realigning the warp core. He dies, but the Enterprise and the people aboard are saved. Khan crashes the Vengeance into San Francisco, and squares off against Spock!

It's revealed that Khan's blood has regenerative properties that could possibly revive Captain Kirk! Spock captures Khan, and some of his blood is used to revive Kirk!

One year later, Kirk is alive and well, and Khan has been put back in his cryogenic pod, frozen and never able to hurt anyone again!


Ok, so that was the basic rundown of the original ending. Now let's take a look at my very different alternate ending!

How I'd See It End

After meeting Khan, Kirk is forced to momentarily join forces with him, in order to get the Vengeance back from Admiral Marcus, a former Starfleet member who betrayed the fleet. Spock talks with Spock Prime, the original incarnation of Spock (from Star Trek: The Series) and asks him if Khan existed in his reality. He tells him that Khan did, and that he is not to be trusted. He also says that Khan was defeated, but at a terrible cost. Khan overhears this conversation, and is intrigued by the fact that there are other realities of him out there. He goes with Kirk to get the Vengeance from Marcus, and kills Marcus in the process. He imprisons Kirk, Scott and Carol, and orders Spock to exchange Khan's frozen comrades for his crew.

While Spock does this, Khan begins scanning the Enterprise, secretly hacking into their files right from the Vengeance! He learns about Nero and Spock Prime's arrival, and how they got here. He uses his ship's futuristic technology to create a wormhole not too far away.

Kirk—"What's he doing?"

Carol—"He's opening up a wormhole."

Kirk—"Wormhole? To where?"

The wormhole opens, and out comes...a gigantic ship! The ship flies out of the wormhole and follows the coordinates to the person that created the rift in space, Khan. The Vengeance receives a call from the ship. Khan answers.

???—"Who are you? And why have you warped me here?"

Khan—" you. And I have brought you here to offer you a proposal you cannot refuse. One that would ensure that you, have the entire galaxy in your hands."

Khan (Prime)—"...I am listening."

Khan has warped his Prime reality self to his reality! Khan explains to his Prime self that he plans to unfreeze his crew and take over the galaxy. He wants Khan Prime to join him and rule the galaxy with iron fists together! Khan Prime agrees. But as everyone knows, NO Khan is to be trusted. Khan Prime plans to betray his other self, and take over the galaxy on his own.
Meanwhile, Spock, instead of sending Khan's crew over, secretly sends over some highly explosive warheads. Once the Vengeance receives the warheads, he detonates them, disabling the ship! Both Khans are angered by this, and attack the Enterprise just before the guns go down. The guns eventually break, but they've already fired enough rounds to cause the Enterprise to fall alongside the Vengeance, both ships caught in the earth's gravity! As the ships plummet, Spock warps Kirk, Scott and Carol back to the Enterprise, and warps Spock Prime there as well. He tells him that he needs help dealing with the Khans.

Spock (Prime)—"The Khan of my time is much older than yours. As such, he is more cunning, and more powerful as well. Their alliance will not last long. Still, both of them, existing in one does not bode well, for anyone.

Kirk—"What do we do?"

Spock (Prime)—"I'm afraid I do not know. Such an event, I never anticipated. The only thing we can do now, is attack them before they attack us."

Kirk—"It's a little too late for that Spock."

Spock—"Perhaps we can over-power them."


Spock (Prime)—"I'll leave your Khan to you. Leave mine, to me.

Kirk and Spock head off to confront Khan, while Spock Prime overrides the Enterprise and "supes" it up! He creates another wormhole and beams someone from in the wormhole into the Enterprise. It's Captain Kirk! Kirk Prime greets and hugs his old friend, and Spock Prime informs him of the situation at hand. They agree to take out Khan Prime together.
Meanwhile, Khan has just been betrayed by his prime self! Khan Prime locks Khan in a cell, and plans to awaken Khan's crew and lead them on a galaxy-wide onslaught! Khan yells for him to release him, but of course KP doesn't listen. Soon after, Khan Prime leaves the cell room, giving Spock and Kirk a chance to sneak in and talk to Khan. Khan promises to help them stop his older self from freeing his crew, saying he's turned over a new leaf. Spock doesn't trust him, and though Kirk doesn't either, he realizes that Khan is the only chance they've got, as he is the only one who knows how to send Khan Prime back home.
I know what you're thinking, couldn't Spock do it? Well, in this case, no. The wormhole is opened with a certain set of coordinates and commands, and it's going to take the same set of coordinates and commands for whatever came out of the wormhole, to go back in. And Khan is the only one who knows those details.
I'm not an expert of it!
I'm not an expert of it!
While Spock and Kirk free Khan, Spock Prime and Kirk Prime go after Khan Prime! They set their phasers to stun and try to shoot him. But with the ship still falling, the turbulence is making it hard for them to get a good shot. Khan P gets Kirk P in a headlock and is about kill him! Suddenly, Khan sneaks up behind his Prime self and knocks him unconscious! They tie him up, and focus on the falling ship. Khan, ever the trickster, beams out of the ship, leaving the crew to die. Spock tries to come up with a plan to stop the ship from crashing. He mentions the radioactive reactor chamber, but says it is too dangerous. Kirk Prime doesn't want to leave them, but Khan Prime starts to wake up. Understanding, the Enterprise crew sends him and Khan Prime back to their reality by entering both Kirk and Khan Prim's coordinates and commands in respectively.
Kirk decides to go to the radioactive reactor chamber and realign the warp core, despite the protests of Spock. He stops the ship from crashing, but dies in the process. At his funeral, Spock vows to find and apprehend Khan, as it's what Kirk would have wanted. Suddenly, the funeral attendees start to get frantic when the casket is opened and there's no body inside! Spock, shocked, investigates. He deduces that the body was stolen by someone in the fleet, but isn't sure who. Suddenly, Dr. McCoy asks Spock to follow him to his office. Once there, McCoy shows Spock the body of Kirk. Spock is about to have the doctor arrested, but McCoy tells him that there's a chance to save Kirk!

Spock—"How? He is dead, there's no medicine you could possibly have or acquire that could change that, doctor.


Spock—"I don't follow."

McCoy—"Khan has regenerative properties! It's what makes him strong, it what makes him so hard to kill. If you can find Khan and bring him here, alive! Then I can revive Kirk! But you have to hurry. Before the effects are...irreversible.

The camera closes in on Spock, a look of seriousness on his face as he prepares for a mission that will no doubt get him in some serious trouble. He looks at McCoy, and says:

Spock—"Doctor, prepare for a long voyage."


The credits roll! Everyone please exit the theater in an orderly fashion, or just flail your arms around and holler like a maniac! Whichever one you're most comfortable with!

Now, to explain my ending.

First, my reasons behind the inclusion of Kirk Prime and Khan Prime. Other than the fact that it'd be INCREDIBLY cool, I think it'd be a great nod to the original show, and I would have loved to see Nimoy and Shatner on screen as the dynamic duo once again. As for Khan, his actor, Ricardo Montalban, sadly passed away the same year the first (of the newest series that is) Star Trek film came out, so though I'd still think it'd be cool to see Khan Prime, he would have to be portrayed by someone else. But still, it would have been so epic to have old Spock/Kirk and new Spock/Kirk in a film together!

The introduction of Nero and Spock Prime through the wormhole in Star Trek (2009) would have made this possible. And Khan and Spock Prime, with their intellect and technological advancements could have easily manipulated it.


Now, about Khan escaping and Kirk staying dead. I felt like the ending of Into Darkness was too...abrupt. It ended so fast! I mean, at one moment, Kirk is, actually deceased. But then, as fast as he died, he's brought back! Now I'm not saying I wanted Kirk to stay dead, but I would have like it if they spent more time on his death you know? That's why I had it so that Khan, the only way to save Kirk, gets away. And Spock, after finding out that he can revive his best friend, must go on a journey to find him. That's what I would have like Star Trek 3 to be about!

Not only would it give us all more time to react to the fact that Kirk is DEAD, but it would give us some more depth and insight on Zachary Quinto's Spock. We would see just how far he'd go to save his friend, and with the spotlight off Kirk for now, it'd give us a chance to see Spock in a whole new light. That goes for the rest of the Enterprise crew too. McCoy, Scott, Uhura, they'd all be affected by their Captain's demise; and we'd get a better look at all of them, as they try to revive him!

So, there it is. My Star Trek: Into Darkness alternate ending! I hope you enjoyed reading it.


What did you think of my alternate ending to Into Darkness?


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