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Kenneth Bright Jr.

Not too long ago we announced that Fantasy Soft Entertainment was producing Prince Adventures that will be co-written and co-produced by series creator, L.B. Jr. and writer, producer, director and anime voice actor, Chuck Huber and stars Chuck Huber, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Chris Sabat, Wendy Powell, Jason Douglas and many others!

Recently they went into production on Prince Adventures: Anointed, Prince Adventures’ first animated short that will be dubbed not only in English but Japanese too. Having major talent and a former Hans Zimmer student as their composer, Roc Chen, who has worked with action stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan, this series is sure to take the world by storm. They're even in talks with the Japanese animation studio, Gonzo, that brought us Afro Samurai, to animate the series!

Recently, Chuck Huber had this to say about Prince Adventures:

Fantasy Soft Entertainment is hosting an online premiere of Prince Adventures: Anointed on Facebook which can be viewed here: They've also released a series synopsis, poster and stills from the short:

Lord Satan is jealous of the Creator's power and so the two strike a bargain. If the people of Orion remain faithful to God, Satan will be banished for a time. If, within seven years time, he can turn the kingdoms to his side, he will be given dominion over the world. The Adversary stands ready to strike with the powers of Hell ready to do his bidding, but first he must overcome The Trinity.

Below are trailers that were released not too long ago:

This is L.B. Jr.'s first major production. He's been developing Prince Adventures for over 10 YEARS! He hopes this short will help him produce the first season of Prince Adventures. All they need is financing. They even acquired two distributors!

If you would like to keep up with Fantasy Soft Entertainment and Prince Adventures please go to these links:

If you would like to follow the creator:

As you can see L.B. Jr. has been blessed with many gifts and talents achieving so much in a very short time. He's a self taught writer, producer, director and CEO of his company, Fantasy Soft Entertainment, all at the age of 29. He's a young entrepreneur who is tenacious, hard working, smart, and very funny. He hopes you enjoy Prince Adventures so far. It's going to kick butt!

Interested in investing in Fantasy Soft Entertainment or just have a question? Please contact them! [email protected]


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