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Firstly, there's this hashtag that's going around Moviepilot. . I saw it and thought I might as well share mine. Now obviously, I watched movies before the story I'm going to tell. However, I'm telling the story of the first movie that made an impression on me. And various other random bits. Just...just read if you're interested (if not just leave because honestly why would you even COME here if that was the case?)

The movie that left such an impression on me is Princess Diaries 2. Yes, you heard that right. The sequel left a memory with me. Funny, huh? But hear me out: I hadn't seen the first one yet.

The scene was a sleepover birthday party. I think I was probably about eleven or twelve. I might have been slightly younger, or slightly older. It doesn't really matter. I was in a roomful of other girls. I didn't really know many of them because it was the party of a friend of mine. She decided we would watch the sequel to Princess Diaries. I figured I'd probably fall asleep halfway through, so I honestly didn't really care. They popped it in and...honestly I did fall asleep halfway through. No dramatic story of 'it was so good I couldn't fall asleep' here. But to my credit, I woke up a couple minutes after I fell asleep. My eyes were always drifting shut, but I was always opening them. I was tired, but I loved the movie.

Coincidentally, this movie memory of mine also coincides with the first memory of music touching me. Yes, I'd obviously heard songs before. I listened to country growing up. But in Princess Diaries 2, I heard a song that to this day is one of my very favourites.

That's right. Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway. I loved the beat. I loved the lyrics. Most especially 'trying not to reach out but when I tried to speak out, felt like no-one could hear me'. I was always a wallflower you see. And actually, I did try to reach out. But I was kind of cripplingly shy. I was until I was about fifteen. And so I often just hung out on the outskirts of things. I couldn't see my way clear to talking to people because my mind was always running through scenarios of 'what if I screw up'. I got over that, but this song still to this day serves as a memory. And now it's a happy song that I can relate to.

It's from the first movie, but it fits.
It's from the first movie, but it fits.

But back to the movie memory, eh?

I eventually did watch the first Princess Diaries. I've watched it three or four times. Thank heavens it's on Netflix! I've also watched so many Anne Hathaway movies I really should write about it sometime. Apparently I'm a sucker for anything with her in it.

Later, I'd think of my early love for Anne Hathaway movies and think 'hey maybe I was a girl after all'. My whole childhood I was a tomboy, after all.

So there you have it. My . The one that sticks out in my brain. I'll always remember that wooden leg coming off. Partly because I was a horse-loving little girl at the time and totally understood how awful a sidesaddle would be to ride on. What do you think? Do you like chick flicks like Princess Diaries?


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