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I am an independent horror filmmaker in NYC. Co-owner of Mass Grave Pictures, and director of the slasher film, Blood Slaughter Massacre. I
Manny MassGrave Serrano

In probably the most explicit episode we’ve ever recorded, we cover Sexual Fetish Films. Put on your leather mask, grab a flogger and get comfy…

Continuing to attempt to cash in on the website hits we may get from discussing 50 Shades Of Grey, we dove deep into the rabbit hole on this one. Feed, Secretary, Sleeping Dogs Lie, Graphic Sexual Horror, Zoo, Nekromantik, Kissed, Bob Flanagan, and just about anything else we can think of.

nipple clamps anyone?
nipple clamps anyone?

Foot, Food, Rape, Animals, Cars, Technology, Blood, Amputees.. every fetish we could fit into two hours. Beware, there’s even some incest and horses in there.. As the show goes on, the fetishes get more extreme, and graphic, so please be aware, things get quite filthy. We begin with James Spader and his Secretary, and we end with Mr. Hands, Necrophilia and Amputees erogenous zones. Yeah.. we go there.

best. poster. ever.
best. poster. ever.

Seriously though, this episode could get a little gross, and we don’t recommend it for the easily offended. We cross lines, and get really graphic at times..

that looks like fun..
that looks like fun..

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Ultron is into some kinky shit...
Ultron is into some kinky shit...


Lana Del Rey – Cola (Pussy)
Murderdolls – Graverobbing USA
The 69 Eyes – Dead Girls Are Easy
Nine Inch Nails – Sin
Cradle Of Filth – Venus In Fear
Rorschach Test – Sex

episode rundown:

allergy attack, walking dead, town for sale, a serbian film, 50 shades of grey, showgirls, nc-17 releases
voyeurism, sliver, william baldwin, sex, lies, videotape, andie mcdowell, ultron, james spader, the prowler, hbo, showtime, late night, soft core, david cronenberg, videodrome, existenze, the fly, jeff goldblum, shivers, rabid, marilyn chambers, stereo, crimes of the future, crash, secretary, leslie ann warren, sick, bob flanagan, nine inch nails, happiness in slavery, masochism, sadism, r100, lindsay hayward, the princess bride remake,
graphic, sexual, horror, insex, bondage, streaming services, irc, webcams, homeland security, best gore, gore gallery, deep web, dark web,, wikileaks, cannibal holocaust, the internet, sleeping dogs lie, zoo, mr hands, kenneth pinyan, horse fucking, encyclopedia dramatica, black mirror, episode 1,
rape fantasy, the bunny game, brown bunny, mpaa rules, antichrist, hardcore, rape revenge, exploitation, incest, i stand alone, gaspar noe, spanking the monkey, game of thrones, shameless, dexter, the borgias, boardwalk empire, sleepwalkers, helix, cannibalism, armin meiwes, rotenburg cannibal, ebay, victims, gimm love, cannibal, feed, diary of a cannibal, manoush, marilyn manson, keri russell, holidays of terror, turkey dinner, trouble every day, vincent gallo, christina ricci, buffalo 66, dahmer, jeffrey dahmer, ed gein, gacy, bundy, btk, nightstalker, matt farnsworth, marlon brando, last tango in paris, food porn, chef, edible underwear, food fetish, seinfeld, george costanza, sushi girl, theater bizarre, pheremones, foot fetish,
necrophilia, nekromantik, nekromantik 2, corpse mania, excision, aftermath, girls covered in blood, schramm, gift, deadgirl, lucker the necrophagist, necrophile passion, child of god, james franco, necrophile discussion and rationalization, kissed, personal fetishes, sleeping beauty, beyond the darkness, amputee erogenous zones, ghost sex, ghost blowjobs, shout outs, talking terror, true ghost stories, horrorhappens, baron craze, nj horror scene, in the shadow of the imp, mario likes movies, spies files, blood slaughter massacre, preorder, amazon, april 21st,


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