ByClaude Joly, writer at
Claude Joly
Finaly, here a peep at the Avenger third new member Vision. It really look Awesome and yet, see him in action. Will-we get a 4th trailer?

Summer is on its way and as the new trailer show, it look promising. (will try to lower my expectations for better results) Vision , a prestine creation of Ultron might be a imposible foe for the avengers until he will realize his AI can fall in love with the scarlet witch Wanda. His love for her will flip the coin as the 3 agents of Ultron will tag along for a brief period. This is my VISIONary way to say it.

Powers: Vision is the master of matter. Solid to etheral. It mean he can pass trough walls like ghosts does or he can strenghten his molecules to become hard like a diamond.


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