ByJason Erdman, writer at
Im a big movie buff!! I watch a lot of movies

Where has the horror genre gone? I've been wondering for years what's happening to the horror genre? I love horror movies and still go to them even though they are not that great recently.

I recently just saw one in theatres and it's March. What happened to putting them in October? I miss the horror movies that had awesome makeup and effects. The ones with good creepy music in the background. Now some of the movies just try and get you to jump and that's it. I miss horror movies that tried to be creepy and scary. I will admit there still are some out there but not many.

If you go to rotten tomatoes and do top 100 horror films, there not many in the 2000's. I miss movies like the Fly, Halloween, Friday the 13th, It, Birds, Pyshco, and Evil Dead but I'm talking about the old school ones not the remade ones. I watched Fly recently and its still a good movie for being in the 80's. It was really creepy and the makeup artist did a great job. I miss movies like that, when they cared and tried to make them good.

There are still some good horror movies coming out and good directors but some people are trying to do remakes and do a terrible job or they just make a horror movie and make five of them. Make one or two and be done, don't keep making sequels. There are a couple I am looking forward too and especially Rob Zombies new one called 31. Hopefully the next few years will be some good horror movies coming out.


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