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Loads of people were surprised with the concept of Five Nights At Freddy's 1, where your only defence was strategically closing doors. With a whole load of jumpscares and a grainy camera feed, Let's Players all over went wild trying to beat the five nights (only to find out that there was a sixth night and you got fired any way.) But when people started to dig up the Easter Eggs that Scott had put in the game, the true back story of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was far more dark and added a sense of mystery and unknowing that had fans vying for a second game.

And their wish was answered. The first thing people said when they started up the second game was "Wait... Where are the doors?" The second (and most annoying thing) asked was "Prequel or Sequel?" But with our questions now answered, we could get back to sitting in an office, minus the doors, but plus a flashlight, mask and vents. Oh, and introducing toy versions of Chica, Bonnie, Freddie and Foxy. And that little b*tch Balloon Boy with the creepy, childish voice. There was some extra backstory provided and some new animatronics, and by the end of it, most people were wondering if Scott would release a third game.

People were moderately surprised with the third game. It's told to us in the very first phone call that this is a sequel. Gone is the Pizzeria, and in is the haunted house. The new guy on the phone tells you that you'll be working as an attraction for the Haunted House as *gasp* the night guard. So when people come to visit the haunted house, you'll be making sure they don't steal anything or snog in corners. But the new phone guy never gives you a reason as why you need to stay after hours. The new phone guy (I really need to think of a new name...) does find training tapes, and it is in these that we hear from our old friend phone guy!! He tells us that people used to be able to fit inside the machines, and that they were a combination of animatronic and actor.

Uh, hello! Hello hello! Uh, welcome to your new career as a performer/entertainer for Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Uh, these tapes will provide you with much needed information on how to handle/climb into/climb out of mascot costumes. Right now, we have 2 specially designed suits that double as both animatronics and suits. So please pay close attention while learning how to operate these suits as accidents/injuries/death/reparable and grotesque maiming can occur. First and most discussed is how to operate the mascots while in animatronic form. For ease of operation, the animatronics are set to turn and walk towards sounds they hear which is an easy and hands off approach to making sure the animatronics stay where the children are for maximum entertainment/crowd-pleasing value. To change the animatronics to suit mode, insert and turn firmly the hand crank provided by the manufacturer. Turning the crank will recoil and compress the animatronic parts around the sides of the suit providing room to climb inside. Please make sure the spring locks are fastened tight to ensure the animatronic survives and remains safe. We will cover this in more detail in tomorrows session. Remember to smile, you are the face of Freddy Fazbears pizza.

Or the equally creepy:

Uh, hello, hello!

Uh, for today's lesson, we will be continuing our training on proper suit-handling techniques. When using an animatronic as a suit, please ensure the animatronic parts are tightly compressed and fastened by the spring-lock located around the inside of the suit. It may take a few moments to position your head and torso between these parts in a manner where you can move and speak. Try not to move or press against the spring-lock inside the suit. Do not touch the spring-lock at any time. Do not breathe on the spring-lock, as moisture may loosen them, and cause them to break loose. In the case(?) of the spring-lock moving while you are wearing the suit, please try to maneuver away from populated areas before bleeding out, as to not ruin the customer experience. As always, if there is ever an emergency, please go to the designated safe room. Every location is built with one extra room that is not included in the digital map layout programmed in the animatronics or the security peripherals(?). This room is hidden to customers, invisible to animatronics, and is always off-camera. As always, remember to smile, you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

The second night is when the new animatronic shows up, SpringTrap. And he is a creepy thing.

Everything else you encounter in the game is essentially a hallucination. Yep, you heard me right. Gone are Chica, Bonnie, Freddy and Foxy. Gone are their toy equivalents. Though the Marionette doll and Balloon boy and sometimes Mangle will pop up, the iconic faces of Five Nights at Freddy's are no more.

You're new set up is annoyingly complex and I still haven't figured out how the hell it all ties together. Between checking the vents, checking the rooms, leading SpringTrap around with Balloon Boy's voice, making sure the errors are rebooted (which can take forever) and keeping an eye out for any Easter Eggs that might be lurking around you have a hard time keeping everything in order. (P.s If you don't reboot the ventilation, you'll start to hallucinate).

It gets harder, because although FNaF is 80% strategy, it's also 20% luck. When the reboots go off, where SpringTrap will be, if he's in the vents, if Marionette will be waiting in the corridor, how long it will take for the systems to reboot, it's luck.

And it's annoying.

But the game seems so rushed. It really doesn't have the same feel as its previous releases. Maybe it's the botched controls that are too much to handle all at once, or maybe it's the fact that no-one is really sure yet what the balloon Boy voice box thing is for. Or the overall fact that the endings, Good or Bad don't make any sense. Is the Purple Guy the Phone Guy? Who is Golden Freddie? Who killed the children? Who caused the Bite of '87?

So with all these unanswered questions and a flimsy ending mini-game to support them, it is very likely that Scott will kick out another game. Who knows, maybe we'll have a spinning chair this time.

But overall, I wasn't impressed with Five Nights at Freddie's 3 and I honestly don't see how Scott is going to come up with another game.

What do you think? Will there be another game? Was FNaF 3 up to standard? Let me know :)


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