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Yes, the original movies by John Carpenter had the beautiful originality to them, of course. However, these re-makes by Rob Zombie have to be appreciated, and here's why.

Although it was more gruesome than the originals, you have to understand Rob Zombie, and how he uses his view of horror. He keeps the baseline of the original Halloween very evident. Yes, there are scenes that are added that may be off-putting, but again, that is his personal view on horror. If you are going to give a re-made "classic" a try you have to have optimism, or at least the openness before you decide to view the pixels of the movie from a screen. Not everything can be identical to the previous, otherwise we, as viewers, lose our interest.

Now, before you get too confused, yes this is about Rob Zombie's Halloween, and not Halloween II: Family is Forever. Although, keep an eye out for a review of that to come... Why did I even enjoy his first re-make you may ask? What is the point to this author's support of the film? Continue your eyes to follow the words on this screen, and I will tell you the beauty of such a criticized film.

The first horror film I ever watched was the original Halloween, and I was rapidly intrigued. Growing up, I was too afraid to watch any horror movies, or as I just called them, "scary movies." I was fifteen, my freshman year of high school, and I felt content with life, and as it does every year, October was in full swing, as was AMC's, "Fear Fest." I was quickly captured by the detail, and scenery as to how Carpenter portrayed the look of fall. It is for this simple, detailed reason as to why I am so infatuated with Rob Zombie's version as well.

As mentioned, I was afraid of all the, "scary movies," and remembered watching previews for Rob Zombie's version of the film, around the age of 11 or 12. You can imagine watching those previews at that age, when you are already terrified of the original films.

As I gave the film a try, and decided to, "grow a pair," I found myself reminiscing in the feeling of nostalgia from the classics. At first, I was skeptical to the first hour of the film, going into detail about Michael's childhood, and as to why he, "snapped." I watched the film a handful of times after the first, and began to appreciate the time, and effort Zombie had to explain, and put his own, personal throw into such a cherished film.

To get to the point, I gave this film its rating of 9.6, because I feel as though it does a great job, or Zombie does, portraying such a classic into a new aged, horror way. He keeps it simple, with again, his personal twist, keeping the detail that the original fans love. If you have yet to view this imagery of film they call a movie, I highly suggest doing so. However, if you are not a fan of horror, or the original films, I suggest holding off, as you may not understand the detailed appreciation.

As always, thank you very much for taking the time out of your day, and busy life to read this article/story, that I just so happened to write on the fly. Look for more to come, in regards to reviews. Again, critique, ideas, questions, and comments, are all highly appreciated!


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