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Ah the Superman movie you've been waiting for.

No jokes, no fun, no joy, and Superman murders his first villain by snapping his neck like a twig after fighting him in the center of Metropolis for 45 minutes reducing a good square mile of the city to ash.

You Psycho.


All jokes and fan boy whining aside, Man of Steel isn't a turd. Fans are pretty split down the middle as to whether it destroys/stands against everything Superman stands for, but that's all besides the point.

My biggest issue with the flick is there is no fallout for Superman's actions. No consequences. The only inkling we get to people maybe being upset at him is the scene where he smashes the satellite and tells the General, "Come on I'm from Kansas. Never mind I destroyed most of my hometown in Kansas. I'm trustworthy I promise."

Then this chick giggles about how hot he is.
Then this chick giggles about how hot he is.

In the ending of the first Amazing Spiderman flick nothing bad comes from Peter deciding to spit on Capt Stacy's grave and date his daughter despite his dying wish. They waited till the second movie to get to Peter even feeling remotely guilty about it. Sure after Superman kills Zod he lets out a anguish filled scream, but that's the only mention of it. A lot of people would have reason to, albeit somewhat irrationally, be afraid of Supes. But no one takes him to task for all that was destroyed in the battle.

Until now.

So the ending is the same, EXCEPT two post credit scenes. One with each showing of the film, so you don't know which one you'd get.

In one we are close up on a screen showing news camera footage of Metropolis' destruction, and Zod's body being carried away. We slowly widen out from this revealing...

Batfleck. Hope this works.
Batfleck. Hope this works.

Batman not looking happy about sh*t.

In the other we are in the thick of a crowded press conference. We can't see who's talking, only the flashing of camera bulbs, the bustling of the crowd and an impassioned speech going on and on about

"How can we really trust this alien?"

"This monster."

"He brought his war with his people to our planet to trick us into trusting him."

Our camera settles on Lois Lane who asks the speaker, "And what gives you the right to call Superman a monster?"

We finally come up to a shot of the podium revealing the soap-boxing speaker to be none other than you guessed it:

Man I hope this kid delivers.
Man I hope this kid delivers.

Would've been a fun way to foreshadow what was coming and tie it into a bigger story. But yes I know they didn't have any of this planned yet.


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