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I love this show.

That's all.

On to some bad art!

I'm pretty sure Bellamy is just living in the ventilation system in Mount Weather now. No doubt it's the safest way for him to get around, now that Cage knows about him, but he's always just popping in and out of the vents. This time he is back in the harvest chamber to release the caged Grounders.

While Bellamy frees the Grounders inside, the Grounders outside of Mount Weather go over their war plan. Indra, Octavia, Jackson (WHY IS HE HERE? DO NOT KILL HIM!) and crew are positioned in the Reaper tunnels. When Bellamy releases the caged Grounders and gathers the delinquents, he will lead them to the Reaper tunnel exit and out to safety. Clarke hopes to divert Mount Weather's attention from the tunnels by trying to open Mount Weather's "impenetrable" front door. The door will no longer be impenetrable once Raven and Wick bomb the power generators over near the dam. A backup generator means that Clarke and Lexa only have 1 minute to get the door open, or they have lost all hope at getting inside of Mount Weather. Whew.

Clarke and Lexa's confidence while relaying this plan to both Grounder and Arker commanders is powerful. It makes me believe that their plan is actually going to work. No flaws or anything! They even start a war chant and it's all so inspiring! It was after this point that I immediately knew that this plan was probably going to fail and that I should start preparing myself for a lot of deaths that I in no way want to see.

While Bellamy helps free the caged Grounders, Cage comes on over the PA system and gives the daily Mount Weather report to all of its citizens. "We know how to survive above ground! Nah, you don't need to know how. Just that we can! Also, the delinquents from the Sky totally killed like 10 of our people and some of your neighbors are hiding them so…wanna help a bro out?" This is basically what I heard. He then questions Emerson about the intruder. Bellamy is too busy getting' cozy in the air vents and nobody thinks to look there. So, basically, they know nothing about him. Cage gets mad and throws paper at Emerson. PAPER. I LOL'd for a good 20 seconds at his childish behavior.

This leads to neighbors turning on neighbors and the couple hiding Jasper and Maya are brutally executed. Maya's father intercepts the guards escorting them, Miller and Fox. Maya's dad is amazing. He pleads with the guard to let Maya go. The guard is having none of it and raises his gun. Before he can do anything, the guard is shot in the head! Bellamy rolls out of another vent (my new OTP. Ventamy?). Miller takes down the other guard by smashing his head into the wall. Okay, kids. Calm down.

Maya chooses to go with Bellamy and Jasper to find Monty and other delinquents. Her father protests at first but then lets her go. He tells her that her mother would have been so proud and now I am 100% sure that one of them is going to die. No! Except, if Maya survives this war, she's totally going to die from radiation or something? She can't survive above ground. Jasper assures her that they will kill Cage and then find a way.

Outside, Lexa asks Clarke what she will do after the war. Clarke doesn't know. She really just wants to rescue her people. Stop trying to get her to define the relationship, Lexa. There is NO time for that right now.

Wick is also picking the wrong time to define his relationship with Raven. They are trying to set up bombs on each power generator but Wick is being a grumpy gills because Raven went rather cold after sleeping with him. He thinks that she is constantly trying to push people away and it's a fair point, but dude, she JUST lost her only family. Lay off for a bit.

It doesn't take long before the two are discovered by a Mount Weather guard. Wick is forced to kill him, but not before Cage is alerted to the bombing portion of Clarke and Lexa's plan. Wick is visibly shaken over killing someone, but Raven gives him a "welcome to the ground" and expects him to just move on. I feel sad for all of the terrible things these characters are forced to do. They all need a vacation.

During the scuffle, Wick drops the last bomb so they are one short. After some more complicated science talk, the two decided to blow up four and hope that causes a catastrophic failure for the fifth. Before they can detonate, more guards show up and it's a regular ole' standoff right before the generators blow and OMG Raven and Wick were DEFINITELY caught up in that blast.

Cage starts to panic a bit and goes to his father, Dante, for help. President Wallace is on a hunger strike and it's kind of hilarious. He berates his son for his terrible term in office so far. Cage pleads with him though and tries to get some empathy by showing some artwork. I guess it speaks to President Wallace because he stops Cage from leaving. Uh oh. I thought we were cool, President Wallace!

Now that the power is out, the Grounders outside have exactly one minute to get the door open before the back up generator makes their task impossible. Monroe (hey girl, where have you and your crazy braid been?) drills a hole in the door while Miller's dad inserts another bomb. Clarke and Lexa push the detonator but of course it doesn't work. Clarke realizes that they need to be closer to the door but now an army of Weatherites is shooting at them from above! AH! Papa Miller volunteers because, "for Nathan, I'll try anything." and geez. Let's add Papa Miller and Son Miller to my list of characters that I will eat a tub of ice-cream for if they die. The list is getting long. Maybe I just really want to eat some ice-cream.

The Grounders form a wall around Papa Miller. I'm pretty sure they are using panels from the Ark and that is AWESOME. Lexa takes off to help thwart the Mount Weather gunmen. She makes Lincoln stay behind to protect Clarke. That's sweet. Oh snap. The panel wall is completely gunned down. NO. PAPA MILLER BETTER NOT BE DEAD. We need the emotional payoff of a reunion with his son!

Lincoln finds his inner Katniss and shoots a flaming arrow at the bomb on the door. The Grounders get to work opening the door and I'm a little worried that there are gunmen on the other side ready to just mow them all down but I'm mostly just excited because this plan is actually working! Oh, and Papa Miller is alive! THIS IS GOING SO WELL.

Until Lexa ruins everything. She more than ruins. She destroys. She destroys all hope. She is a hope destroyer. I'm almost upset with myself for thinking she was so cool once upon a time.


Lexa stops the impending attack and saunters back over with Emerson at her heels. Turns out, Emerson was sent out to offer Lexa a deal. Mount Weather will release the Grounder prisoners and leave the Grounders alone if they leave. Apparently, President Dante was the one with the idea. I guess his "savages" comment should have clued me in. The man is sympathetic towards the delinquents so he has reasons for tying to help them. His view of the Grounders is drastically different, though, so he has no problem working against them. Clarke realizes that this deal does not include her people and is distraught. Lexa says that she cares but she is making this decision with her head, not her heart. She is doing what is best for her people. So, she calls for a retreat and peaces out.



My head gets it. Lexa is minimizing her loses. The Grounders are a very self-serving group and they have every right to be. They owe the Arkers nothing. It's seems like a rash decision though because the Arker alliance offers technology and help with the Reapers. It offers strength against future attacks from other Grounder clans. Is Lexa just upset that Clarke wouldn't give her a definitive answer on the love front? Does she have some other plan up her sleeve?

My heart is SO angry at Lexa. I feel justified in my recent dislike for her. Even if she shows up on a white horse next episode and is all "bet you never though you'd see me again, suckas" to the Weatherites, I will never forgive her for this. I'm pretty certain Clarke won't either. Because whatever future rescue plan Lexa could have, she is currently putting every Arker still in Mount Weather at horrible risk. So, no, I don't really care if what Lexa did was right for her people and makes sense for her character. I don't care if she has some ulterior motive for taking the deal from Emerson.

I care about Bellamy, Monty, Miller, Jasper, Raven, Wick, Maya, and all of the other delinquents that we may never even know the names of! I care about them and Lexa selfishly put them all in danger. She likes to play with people's lives and I'm so over her.

Okay, rant over.

This surprising turn of events has some seriously sad repercussions. Lincoln wants to stay and fight alongside Clarke, but Lexa forces her people to take him with them. Raven and Wick are thankfully still alive after the explosions, but are now in the hands of Mount Weather because nobody comes to help them. Maya's father is found dead in the empty harvest chamber because the other Mount Weather guards stopped him in order to let the Grounder prisoners go. RIP, you wonderful man.

One of the sadder repercussions is with Indra and Octavia. Earlier in the episode, Indra basically tells Octavia that she is proud of her and that she is truly one of the Grounders now. Not 30 minutes later, Indra is cutting into Octavia's neck and telling her that she is no longer her Second because Octavia refuses to retreat when Lexa makes the call. Octavia refuses to retreat because she refuses to leave Bellamy behind. I LOVE Octavia's commitment to her brother. Actually, I love both of the Blake's commitment to each other. They have both grown so much as individuals but their loyalty to each other has never changed. Octavia realizes that she has no home. She's never felt like one of the Arkers. She never quite became one of the Grounders. But she is something. She is a Blake. And I would put both of them on my team in a second!

Next week is the finale and I'm not sure how they are going to fit so much stuff into one hour. I guess we'll be getting a cliff hanger, which is okay because season 3! WOOO! It's so much easier watching this show unfold when I know there will be even more story in the near future. I have 1,000 expectations but I'm trying to keep them down. I mostly know that I don't want anyone I love to die and I'm pretty sure that won't happen. We're going to lose people and it's sad, but that's what you get when you decide to invest in "The 100." Maybe we should all reevaluate our lives. Or just watch comedy. It doesn't hurt as bad.

Jaha, out.


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