ByMichael Upton, writer at

Now, I know The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was not what anyone wanted it to be. But unlike the sequel, I enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man. Think of it as taking place some time after The Avengers and all those cranes are there because the building were being fixed. This movie can go the way it did, so let's move on to the second. We can take out the Green Goblin scene and save that for a third. There would be two scene in the credits.

The First Scene

The first credits scene could just be a quick look at all of the secret rooms and a teaser for the Sinister Six. I think that would be enjoyable. The scene does not have to be long, just enough time to see all of the projects.

The Second Scene

This is where things will tie in to the bigger universe. The scene starts off with a news report that Spider-Man is back to protect the city. The camera zooms out and we just see a dark room with a screen paused on a picture of our favorite wall crawler. We hear a voice, none other than that of Agent Phil Coulson. We here him ask "Do we bring him in sir?". There is a pause. We then hear Nick Fury tell him "Not Yet." The screen goes dark. Like many Marvel movie we see "Spider-Man Will Return."

Final Thoughts

A lot of people wonder why Spider-Man didn't fight with the Avengers. The answer is simple: he hasn't been bit by the spider yet. I think this could work because it fits in with the movies and continuity. I hope you enjoyed my article and my alternate ending.


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