ByEvan McKane Calveri, writer at

Birdman had excellent cinematography, outstanding actors and a wildly awesome plot. This very interesting tale shows the life of a, once, famous actor who longs to be remembered as more than just Birdman. A superhero trilogy he did in his younger years.

Michael Keaton nailed the role by creating a crazy person we feared and loved. And the supporting actors weren't just merely supporting the film, they were one of the reasons this movie went so fantastically. They helped create an environment that could make us feel at home in a dark, dingy theater.

The cinematography was like nothing we had ever seen before. All throughout the movie I was waiting for a clean "end of shot" scene. But none came. Not only does this add to the realistic feel and emotion to the movie, it seemed to make you feel the anxiety that the main character felt all throughout the film.

But I couldn't help but leave the theater feeling like it wasn't the greatest thing I've ver seen. Something was missing from the film. That's when I realized that nothing was missing. It was the fact that they added more to the end and it did not appeal to the theme that the film had created. It left you feeling odd and unsure of what the film was trying to say.

This could simply be that the creators of the film wanted it to be left up to interpretation. Which definitely works in some films but I was just disappointed because it distracted the viewer from feeling some very deep, impactful emotions that I feel like the creators were trying to do.


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