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Many people like me are finding solace each week in watching DC's ever developing Television Universe. I have recently started wondering just how big this universe can grow.

DC has already said that their TV Universe will be separate from their Cinematic Universe, which is why we see Grant Gustin's Flash every week, and will see Ezra Miller's in the upcoming Justice League movie.

So why couldn't DC find a way to put all of their characters on the small screen? Of course The CW cannot hold all these properties. But, like Gotham and Titans going to NBC and TNT, DC can put other properties on different channels.

While this could hurt the crossover ability, does it really matter as long as we get a weekly dose of our favorite heroes? Properties like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, etc. would get their own shows. The lesser known heroes can find their way onto cameo roles, much like Atom and Firestorm are on The Flash and Arrow.

I have compiled a list of actors that could play these superheroes in the DC Television Universe. Some characters will have multiple actors that I believe are good for the role, and some will only have one.

1. Superman

a) Steven R. McQueen

b) Matt Bomer

McQueen - Best known as Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries. Very in shape, and talented actor. Waiting for a break out role.

Bomer - Has the look, and voiced him in Superman: Unbound.

2. Batman

a) Tyler Hoechlin

b) Paul Wesley

c) Ian Somerhalder

d) Scott Eastwood

Hoechlin - Looks like Bruce Wayne was ripped right off the page. Great dark and dramatic actor.

Wesley - Plays a dark and brooding character on The Vampire Diaries.

Somerhalder - I promise this is my last actor from The Vampire Diaries. The three I picked, just simply fit the roles to me. Somerhalder can easily play Bruce Wayne, can he be the Dark Knight?

Eastwood - Handsome and looks like a superhero. Have yet to see him in a darker role, but he is talented.

3. Wonder Woman

a) Danai Gurira

b) Kaya Scodelario

Gurira - I do not care about the race. Gurira is an amazing actress and would do wonders for this character.

Scodelario - Very talented and beautiful. After showing off her acting ability in Maze Runner, she proved that she can play in an action role.

4. Aquaman

a) Andrew Lincoln

b) Aaron Paul

Lincoln - Dye his hair blonde and he is the perfect fit for the role. I cannot imagine any actor doing better. Sorry Jason Momoa.

Paul - He will be in a string of upcoming movies, in supporting roles. His career did not take off after Breaking Bad, but he is still a quality actor and good fit for Aquaman.

5. Green Lantern

Hal Jordan

a) Nathan Fillion

b) Zach Braff

Fillion - Is the main voice of Hal Jordan in any DC animated movie, and looks the part.

Braff - He has the smart ass ability, but also has shown off his dramatic skills in Garden State and I Wish You Were Here.

John Stewart

a) Idris Elba

b) Trai Byers

Elba - Duh. Big or small screen, Elba was born for this role.

Byers - He is phenomenal in Empire. Giving chilling performances, he outshines the likes of Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

Kyle Rayner

a) Josh Peck

Peck - While he has yet to get his big break, he has came a long way as an actor since Drake and Josh.

Guy Gardner

a) Jake Johnson

b) Brian Thomas Smith

c) Josh Hopkins

d) Seann William Scott

Johnson - Jerk personality. Played a bit of an action role in Let's Be Cops. He would be a very interesting pick, but a solid one.

Smith - Unknown name. Known for mostly cameo appearances, but has a Guy Gardner personality. If DC wanted a complete wild card, this would be one.

Hopkins - A little old for the part, but a good fit. He will have time, with his show Cougar Town wrapping up.

Scott - You have not heard his name in some time. But he would be the absolute perfect fit for this character. Looks and personality are right on par.

6. Martian Manhunter

a) Giancarlo Espolito

b) Dennis Haysbert

c) Bryan Cranston

Espolito - He has that stoic demeanor and monotone voice that fits the character.

Haysbert - The Allstate guy is actually an actor, who knew. Another guy with a voice and look that just screams Martian Manhunter.

Cranston - The best actor around right now. While I doubt he would do a TV show right now, I would love to see his take on the character.

7. Cyborg

a) John Boyega

b) Drake

c) Aml Ameen

Boyega - He would be a big catch if DC could land him in a role. His star is going to rise after Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Drake - He actually got his start in acting on Degrassi. While he is far from winning any Emmy's, for what I personally picture in my head as Cyborg, Drake fits. I know the majority will disagree.

Ameen - Was great in Maze Runner. Deserves a shot at a bigger role.

8. Batgirl

a) Bella Thorne

b) Annasophia Robb

c) Melissa Rauch

d) Dakota Johnson

Thorne - She has the look. But I am curious to see her in more roles.

Robb - She was my first choice for Supergirl. But she would do just as well in a Bat suit.

Rauch - Best known as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory. She has a perfect look for Barbara Gordon, and I believe she has the acting talent to pull it off.

Johnson - Say what you will about Fifty Shades of Grey, Johnson is an amazing actress. Doubtful she would do a TV series, but maybe she should be considered for the DC Cinematic Universe.

9. Static

a) Leon Thomas III

Thomas - Known mainly for his role as Andre on Victorious. He portrayed almost all the mannerisms of Virgil Hawkins in the Static Shock cartoon series.

10. Shazam

a) Eli Roth

b) D.J. Cotrona

c) Jason David Frank

Billy Batson

a) Mason Cook

b) Mace Coronal

Roth - Usually a director, but impressive when in acting roles.

Cotrona - Was supposedly up for the role of Superman in a Justice League film, that would have launched his career. Could this be his true DC role?

Frank - The Green Ranger has been away from acting for awhile. But has a large fan base, that could boost the character.

Cook - One of the better child actors in Hollywood right now. I would be very interested to see him in a leading role.

Coronal - Shows promising talent on the show Ricky, Nicky, Dicky, and Dawn.

11. Booster Gold

a) James Maslow

Maslow - Mainly known as a singer in the band "Big Time Rush." The band has a show on Nickelodeon where he actually displays good acting ability. His character on the show is very arrogant and sarcastic. He is my perfect choice for this fan favorite. He would win over the fan base.

12. Red Tornado

a) Joseph Gatt

Gatt - Very well known for his action movie work. In case you did not known, he provided the motion capture for Kratos in the God of War franchise. He has the look to pull off the android if they choose live action, and motion capture experience if they choose a CGI version.

13. Steel

a) Isaiah Mustafa

b) Omari Hardwick

Mustafa - The Old Spice dude can act, and is talented.

Hardwick - He just looks like John Henry Irons. Solid actor as well.

14. Blue Beetle

a) Josh Radnor

b) James Roday

Radnor - Great actor who has not got his recognition. He would do great as Ted Kord.

Roday - He would be a great fit for Kord.

15. Hawkwoman

a) Isla Fisher

b) Jessica Chastain

Fisher - Talented actress who would be fun to watch every week.

Chastain - She has stated her desire to be a superhero. She looks identical to Hawkwoman.

16. Nightwing

a) Devon Bostick

Bostick - Little known actor with a lot of potential. He plays Jasper on the CW show The 100. He is a young actor I have been following for a while now. He would be a perfect fit to play Nightwing in the upcoming Titans show.

17. Raven

a) Rooney Mara

b) Shay Mitchell

Mara - Best known for her dark roles. It is hard picturing anyone else in this role.

Mitchell - Got her big break on Pretty Little Liars. I think she could translate well to Titans.

18. Starfire

a) Emma Roberts

b) Olivia Cooke

Roberts - Amazing actress, who has been taking a lot of TV spots.

Cooke - Watching her on Bates Motel, I can easily see her bringing Starfire to life.

BONUS: Three Villains

I have three villains that have actors I would love to see take on the roles.

1. Lex Luthor

a) Dean Winters

b) Ian Bohen

c) Dean Norris

Winters - About to star in the upcoming series Battle Creek. Everytime I see him, I am entertained. There is something about him that screams Lex Luthor to me.

Bohen - Plays the big bad in the MTV show Teen Wolf. He has a knack for playing a bad guy that you can't help but love.

Norris - If you watched Breaking Bad, than you know how good of an actor he is. I could see him taking on a villainous role.

2. The Joker

a) Rhys Wakefield

b) Dylan O'Brien

Wakefield - He was creepy as hell in The Purge. He has a look that just looks like he was born to play The Joker.

O'Brien - If you have seen him in season 3B of Teen Wolf, then you know how dark and evil he can be. His range is limitless, and he could show us a side of The Joker we have never seen before. He is on his way to becoming a movie star once Teen Wolf concludes, but seeing him take on this role in a Batman TV series, is worth putting that on hold.

3. The Riddler

a) David Tennant

b) George Lopez

c) Donald Glover

d) Neil Patrick Harris

Tennant - He is the fan favorite to take over the part. He is a great actor, and deserves it.

Lopez - I am sure a lot of you think I am an idiot, but honestly it makes sense to me. I think he is a better actor than he's given credit for. A good fit.

Glover - A great actor who deserves a shot at a big name role. I could see him owning this role.

Harris - Honestly I would be afraid of a flashback to Jim Carey's Riddler. But NPH could do a good job. He also looks like Edward Nygma.

Well that is my list. I appreciate you taking the time to view it. Let me know if you like the idea of an entire DC Television Universe, and your ideas for the actors to play them.


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