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Word that Glasgow, Scotland native, Michelle Gomez, was returning for the latest season of [Doctor Who](series:200668) (to air later this year) has been greeted favorably.

While the UK and much of Europe is familiar with her great turns in many TV and film roles, it seems that US fans aren’t very familiar with her work.

She trained in acting at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Her background includes performances in numerous theatrical productions in Glasgow and she turned in her first TV performance back in 1989.

While Michelle is quite versatile, going for laughs is clearly her forte. In fact, her resume also includes performing standup comedy. She has a strong physical presence and large, piercing blue eyes which lends her well to playing eccentric characters.

For your reference, here is a list of her funniest roles:

Feel The Force was a BBC Two sitcom about two completely incompetent female police officers. Michelle played Sally Bobbins, a woman so controlling that it rendered her constantly ineffective.

The Book Group, a BBC Four sitcom about an American woman in Scotland who starts a group to promote literature and to meet new people. The members are a collection of wackos.

Michelle played Janice McCann, the manic, frustrated wife of a famous Scottish footballer. Her frazzled nature leads her into trouble.

Bad Education was a BBC Three sitcom about the dysfunctional lives of a group of secondary school teachers. Michelle stood out as Isobella Pickwell, a deputy headmistress whose extremist tendencies, especially for discipline, made her hated and isolated.

Green Wing was a BBC Four sitcom about a group of highly strange employees at a suburban hospital. Michelle was a sheer lunatic in Sue White, a hospital liaison officer who goes to the wildest of lengths to alienate fellow workers while trying to get the man of her dreams.

Green Wing was well-received amongst audiences and won a number of TV comedy awards.

The Wedding Video was a comedy film where the best man makes a documentary about the upcoming wedding of his brother/groom. In a small role, Michelle was excellent as a character called the “Wedding Planner,” a lunatic who tries keeping things together until she had a marvelous meltdown.

Most of the above-listed (not sure about Feel the Force) are available online. They’re worth a look. Perhaps the best of the bunch is Green Wing. Michelle shares considerable screen time with a large ensemble cast.

They are all worth checking out, to get your Michelle fix until she returns later in the year opposite the good doctor.

A fan tribute to Michelle's work in Green Wing.

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