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Hello, my name is Akari. Akari Kekse. I love found-footage movies, but I feel that most don't reach their full potential because they try to follow certain unwritten rules, which seems to invade all films of this fantastic sub-genre.

I detected, after years of hard work (5 minutes) 7 things that must change for this genre to improve.

As always, if you have more suggestions let me know in the comments section below.

I hope you enjoy it!

Too short

Atrocious lasts only 75 minutes! Credits included!
Atrocious lasts only 75 minutes! Credits included!

Seriously, why do all found-footage movies last only 80 minutes, more or less (sometimes even less)? Can´t the writers come up with good ideas to fill those last 10 minutes? Or should all found-footage films be short? I think people would prefer to pay 8 dollars to watch Avengers than to pay 8 dollars to watch 78 minutes of a generic found-footage movie. And they are right.

They end when the interesting things are about to happen

Have you watched a movie that gets that gets better and better, until the last 20 minutes, and when you think that the best is still to come, it suddenly ends (usually with the protagonist dying)? That's a complete bummer that can seriously destroy a film.

They take too long to get your attention

This sin is too common and it's related to the last one: in most movies of this kind we have to wait for at least 30 minutes until something interesting grasps our attention. Usually, we watch the characters talking and joking and partying, without adding anything of weight to the plot. It makes casual fans lose interest in what may turn into a really good experience.

No showing the villain

In how many movies have we waited for over an hour to see the evil villain who is punishing our heroes, and then, when we are expecting the revelation, we only get a glimpse an obscure and blurred frame of the monster? This is really frustrating. In old horror movies we watch Freddy and Jason and all the others the entire time. Is there a rule in found-footage that villains should remain as hidden as possible? Not cool!

No more forests, please

Seriously, there are other locations out there . . .

The name of the characters are the same of the actor or actress who plays them. . .

Why? In all other movies, characters are not named after the actors/actress. Why it is a trend in found-footage? I understand why The Blair Witch did this, but c'mon, you don't have to do it anymore. Brad Pitt is only Brad in real life, not in every movie that he appears!

Generic plot

A group of individuals investigates a haunted place/legend and then they get trapped/lost until they realize that the legend is real and then they have to escape and then they die. I just described 90% of found-footage horror movies out there. You are welcome.

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